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Can I download live streaming from eplus? Super-convenient download method revealed!

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Updated on Nov 02, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
eplus is one of the largest ticketing services in Japan, handling a total of 29,019 tickets, making it easy to purchase tickets for live concerts, stage performances, and events. This article explains how to watch eplus live streaming and how to download live streaming.

eplus is one of the largest ticketing services in Japan, handling a total of 29,019 tickets, making it easy to purchase tickets for live concerts, stage performances, and events. This article explains how to watch eplus live streaming and how to download live streaming.


Does eplus have a delivery service?
There is a ticketed streaming service "Streaming+" operated by eplus. It offers a wide variety of contents such as live music, stage performances, classical music, events, and talk shows.

Streaming+ Attraction

Streaming+ is a ticket-based live streaming service that offers a wide variety of content ranging from music, stage, classical, events, talk shows, and art exhibitions. It also has an archive function that allows users to enjoy content through a two-week archive period.

eplus is a very well-known ticketing platform in Japan, launched in 2000. eplus offers tickets for a variety of entertainment fields, from live music to theater, sporting events, and art exhibitions. This partnership between eplus and Streaming+ allows users to easily enjoy live streaming content.

The appeal of Streaming+ is that users can watch high-quality content at the same pricing as offline live shows. Furthermore, users can enjoy live performances on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs, making it extremely convenient for users who have difficulty visiting live venues. Streaming+ also offers a content archive function, allowing users to view content for a certain period of time after distribution has ended, so they can enjoy live performances they missed later. In addition, the partnership with eplus makes it very convenient for users to make ticket reservations and purchases smoothly.

How can I watch live performances on "Streaming+"?

How to buy tickets

1. check live concert information on eplus

Enter the official website of Eplus (eplus) and log in using the same procedure and ID/password as for the actual show. Confirm the information of the performance you wish to purchase.

Check performance information

2. Confirm precautions

After clicking "Apply," check the "I agree to the precautions" checkbox in the window that appears. Continue to apply.

Check performance information

How to watch/participate in the distribution

Access the viewing page

Access the viewing page. Click the URL in the following guidance to view the viewing page, and you can participate in the live delivery.

  • Information e-mail (after confirmation of payment/one day before the open day)
  • Application Status Inquiry

To access the Viewing page from the Subscription Status Inquiry, select the show you wish to view from the list, and click "View Viewing Details" on the Details page.

Access the viewing page

Log in

Access the new page, enter the member ID and password you used when you applied, and log in.


3. Start when the show starts!

After you have successfully purchased the tickets, simply wait for the show to start at ease. Please note that the start of the show may be delayed.

By the way, you cannot watch the show from multiple devices, browsers, or tabs at the same time.

Start when the show starts!

Why Streaming+ Screen Recording?

Streaming+ offers high-quality content, but after a maximum archive period of approximately 2 weeks, the videos will no longer be available. This is, due to the nature of live streaming, meaning that once you miss a video, you may never be able to enjoy it again.

For this reason, many users save Streaming+ live using screen recording software or downloaders so that they can watch it again and again later. In addition, recorded content can be enjoyed even after the archive period has expired, allowing for the fullest possible live experience.

Furthermore, on-screen recording allows users to watch live performances not only on smartphones and computers, but also on TVs and other large screens. This enhances the home entertainment experience and provides more opportunities to share live content with family and friends.

In short, Streaming+ screen recording has become an important way to preserve content and enjoy it again and again, an essential element for many users.

How to download eplus streaming content

Due to the fact that the ePlus streaming service Streaming+ does not include the ability to download videos directly, it is essential to use external download software to download videos streamed from Streaming+. Learn more about how to screen record live content from Streaming+. Below is a method that can be used on both smartphones and computers.

Screen Recording on Smartphones

Use your smartphone's standard features: iPhone and Android smartphones come with standard screen recording capabilities. However, when recording paid subscription content such as Streaming+, the recording screen may go black or there may be no audio.

Screen Recording on a PC

Here are some useful tools such as KeepStreams YT-DLP Downloader. These tools make it easy to save streaming content, and KeepStreams YT-DLP Downloader is a handy tool for downloading Streaming+ content as well as YouTube videos. We recommend the KeepStreams downloader here.

What is KeepStreams?

KeepStreams supports many streaming services, and with this software, you can conveniently download streaming content from not only major video services such as Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video, but also ZAIKO, ZAIKO, ePlus, and other live streaming services.

Features of KeepStreams

  • Download eplus live videos in up to full HD quality
  • Download eplus performances in EAC3 5.1, AC3 5.1, or AAC 2.0 sound channels
  • ZAIKO, ePlus has the ability to eliminate M3U8 and DRM of the content being distributed for smooth downloading
  • Save eplus events in MP4 or MKV format
  • Multiple downloads of eplus content in one click
  • Automatically detects and removes commercials during download
  • Visit eplus official website directly with KeepStreams' built-in browser

Steps to download Eplus Streaming+ Live

STEP1 Download the software from KeepStreams official website depending on your operating environment (Windows or MAC)

STEP2 Open KeepStreams on your PC and enter the Eplus official WEB site link ( in the address bar.

STEP3 Enter the Eplus page, log in, and switch to the "Streaming+" page.

STEP4 After downloading and finding the content, click on "Go to Ticket Page" to purchase.

STEP5 After purchasing, go to the detail page of this content and analyze the URL by eliminating the M3U8 of the video.

STEP6 After analyzing, select your desired video and audio quality in the window that appears. Click [Downloader] to start downloading.


In this article, we have explained in detail the appeal and usage of eplus's streaming service "Streaming+," Streaming+ is a service that offers a variety of genres of content and makes it easy to enjoy high-quality live content. Streaming+ is a service that provides a variety of genres of content and makes it easy to enjoy high-quality live content. It also has an archive function that allows users to view content for a certain period of time after the streaming has ended, so they can enjoy live shows they missed without worry.

And we introduced the why and how of Streaming+ screen recording. Screen recording is important to preserve live content and enjoy it over and over again, and we explained how to record using a smartphone or computer. We also introduced the convenient download software KeepStreams YT-DLP Downloader and explained how to use it.

We hope you will take this opportunity to enjoy live content using Streaming+. Streaming+ is a must-have service for entertainment enthusiasts, as it allows you to easily watch high-quality, realistic content. When watching or recording, be sure to observe copyright laws and use the service in an appropriate manner. If you want to download your favorite live shows, performances, or events from other live streaming services like ZAIKO, try KeepStreams.

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