Learn more about the NHK video internet streaming service, with instructions on how to download!

| Published on Sep 20, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
This article describes the NHK Video Internet Service and how to download videos from HK with images.

What is NHK?

NHK is the Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK ), established under the Broadcasting Act of Japan for the purpose of promoting broadcasting throughout Japan and providing rich and high-quality programs. The following is an introduction to NHK's free and fee-based Internet streaming services.

NHK's free streaming services

NHK Plus

NKK provides terrestrial TV (General and E-telecast) programs at the same time of broadcast and for 7 days after the broadcast, as a rule, after certification of the subscription agreement.

NHK for School NHK High School Courses

NHK for School NHK High School Lectures is an Internet distribution service that offers approximately 3,500 E-television school broadcast programs.

NHK Archives Portal

NHK Archives Portal is a portal service that provides approximately 140 programs on the Pacific War, the Great East Japan Earthquake, and job hunting and career paths of junior high and high school students, which are selected based on themes that are set from time to time as having significance for the public interest.

NHK Rajiru★Rajiru

NHK Rajiru★Rajiru Radio 1, 2 and FM programs are available.


As part of NHK's cooperation with commercial broadcasters for Internet distribution, Tver provides about 10 programs selected from various genres for viewing promotion, etc. *The same programs are also available on the NHK website.


Radiko is a service provided by NHK in cooperation with commercial broadcasters for Internet distribution.


NHK WORLDJAPAN, as the name suggests, delivers NHK's international radio and TV broadcast programs.

NHK's paid subscription service

NHK On Demand

NHK On Demand offers about 10 programs from terrestrial and satellite TV (General, E-tele, BS1, BS Premium). BS Premium) programs. (Excluding news, news reports and other programs that are not suitable for long-term distribution, as well as school broadcast programs and other programs that are distributed free of charge.)

How much does NHK On Demand cost?

The NHK On Demand feeis for one program and one month of unlimited viewing.

  • The fee for a single program is 315 yen including tax, but programs of 30 minutes or less are 210 yen, and programs such as serial TV novels are 105 yen.
  • The fee for the one-month unlimited viewing package of "missed programs" is 1,470 yen per month.

After purchasing the one-month unlimited viewing package, "Missed Programs" can be viewed within 24 hours and "Special Selection Library" within 72 hours, but cannot be recorded. However, this article will detail how to download videos from NHK.

Before we get into that, we would like to ask the question, "Is it illegal to download videos from NHK?" If you are wondering, "Is it illegal to download videos from NHK?

Is it illegal to download videos from NHK?

If you download videos from NHK for personal use, it is not illegal. According to Article 30 of the Copyright Act, it is not an "illegal act" as it constitutes "reproduction for private use. If you download a video to your personal device and just enjoy it privately or with your friends, there is no problem.

However, if you download a video from NHK for secondary distribution, you may be charged with a crime. Secondary distribution is absolutely "illegal. Also, selling or reselling the downloaded content is a legal copyright infringement. Please be careful not to engage in secondary distribution.

How to download videos from NHK

What is KeepStreams?

First, we introduce the best application to download videos from NHK. We recommend KeepStreams, a video downloader that supports over 200 vods including Netflix, Disney+, U-NEXT, NHK, and more. Not only that, you can also easily download videos from social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and youtubu through KeepStreams. With such a powerful yet convenient application, downloading videos from NHK will be super easy.

Advantages of KeepStreams

- High-quality screen

You no longer need a perfect Internet connection to watch videos in high quality; KeepStreams allows you to download them in a fraction of the time at up to 1080p. Then you can enjoy them at your leisure, even if you have a poor Internet connection.

- Video Formats

KeepStreams provides a service to download any movie or TV show in MP4 or MKV format without annoying interruptions or limitations. Once the videos are saved to your device through our product, you can share or save them.

- Batch Mode

Check the download process a few times normally before starting the next download? KeepStreams' batch mode feature is a one-shot solution! Select all the videos you want to download and batch download them.

- Save with the best sound quality audiote

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- Ads Removal

KeepStreams Downloader can automatically remove ads when downloading videos, so you can enjoy videos without worrying about interruption.

Here are the steps for downloading videos from NHK with images.

STEP1 Download the application from the official website of KeepStreams.

>> Official website of KeepStreams

STEP2 Find the video you want to download on NHK's official website. Click "Play" to jump to the viewing page.

>> NHK's website

STEP3 Also, copy the URL of this video.

Click on the video you want to download and enter this video page, and a pop-up window will appear.

STEP4 Paste the copied URL in KeepStreams to download.

STEP5 Click Download to start downloading the video.

Now that you know the advantages of KeepStreams, you can use KeepStreams as soon as you have a movie you want to download. Right now we have three video download free trials available!


Q1. Can I download NHK videos on my MAC?

A. Of course, KeepStreams supports not only Windows OS, but also Mac OS, and you can use KeepStreams to download NHK videos.

Q2. Can I save all NHK videos?

A. Yes, with KeepStreams downloader, you can download videos from NHK's free and paid subscription services in high quality. You can also enjoy all of the Taiga Dramas, missed broadcasts and program lineups even in an offline environment.


In this article, we have explained about NHK video internet service and how to download videos from HK with images. We recommend the easy-to-use downloader KeepStreams, which is compatible with different versions of PCs, including Windows and Mac, so you can easily download videos on any device. If you have a movie you want to download, you can start using KeepStreams right away. There are three free video download trials available right now!

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