How to Uninstall NCH Software? [Detailed Tutorial]

| Published on Jan 14, 2023| 5 Minutes Reading
Are you looking for a detailed guide on how to uninstall NCH Software? Our detailed step-by-step guide on uninstalling the NCH Software will surely assist you. Let’s get into it!

NCH is a worthwhile platform offering products ranging from audio and video software to business software, computer utilities, and more. Although it’s equipped with bundles of features, there can be several reasons for one to decide on uninstalling the NCH Software.

If that’s the case, we have covered you! Hop inside this detailed yet comprehensive article to get an answer to the query of how to uninstall NCH Software.

What is NCH Software?

NCH Software is your ultimate all-in-one solution for audio and video recording, editing, and applying different effects. In short, it’s the best buddy for content creators and those streamers who always miss live streams. Some of its noteworthy features are listed below. Let’s dive right into them!

NCH Software

  • Enables recording webcam, your screen or device
  • Lets you adjust color settings and add effects
  • Supports all possible file formats
  • Allows adding text over to the recorded video
  • Use mouse highlighting to point out certain locations
  • Enables adding customized watermarks to the video
  • Supports background replacement with the use of the Green Screen Tool

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Is NCH Software Safe to Use?

Yes, NCH Software is safe to use, but its cracked version is not. The crack versions are offered by third-party websites and are often infected with malware, viruses, etc., or any other infectious digitalized entity. These, in turn, harm your device and prove to be a great threat to your data privacy.

Moreover, these versions are illegal to use. So, will you prefer to welcome all these risks just behind one factor so that you won’t have to pay for the cracked version? Whereas, to get the official version, you have to pay? Surely, you will go with the former one.

However, skip using it, and get your hands on KeepStreams, the ultimate buddy for offline streamers. Keep reading until the end to explore more about it.

How to Use NCH Software?

It enables capturing the screen in three simple and easy steps. These are the following:

NCH Software

  • Launch the software and select the source from which you want to record.
  • Now, select the recording window. You can select a particular window or an entire screen or use your mouse to specify a particular area.
  • Tweak advanced settings according to your liking and hit the Record button to begin recording the screen. You can also schedule a recording to begin recording screen automatically at a certain time.

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How to Uninstall NCH Software?

In this section, we will specifically highlight several guides on how to uninstall NCH Software on different devices. So, let’s begin exploring!

How to Uninstall NCH Software on Windows?

You have to follow different guides for uninstalling the software from different Windows.

NCH Software

Uninstalling on Windows 10

  • Navigate to the bottom left screen corner and hit the Start Menu icon.
  • Choose App & features, NCH Software, and then hit Uninstall.
  • Now, follow the on-screen instructions to Uninstall.

Uninstalling on Windows 8

  • Unveil the Start Menu Grid by clicking on its icon. From the Charm Menu, select Magnifying Glass to search for the Control Panel.
  • Choose Control Panel to launch it. Now, select Uninstall a program and choose the program you desire to uninstall, i.e., NCH Software.
  • Proceed by right-clicking on the chosen program and hitting Uninstall.
  • Follow the popping instructions to terminate the uninstallation process.

How to Uninstall NCH Software on Mac?

Follow the steps below to uninstall NCH Software on Mac.

  • Navigate to the Finder and choose Applications
  • Find NCH Software in the list of installed software and drag them to the Trash icon. That’s it! You have successfully uninstalled NCH Software!

How to Uninstall on Android?

Hop on the guidelines below to uninstall content on Android.

Uninstalling via Device Settings

  • Go to your device’s Settings menu and then to Application Manager.
  • Scroll through the list to find the NCH Software and hit the Uninstall option to uninstall it.
  • Confirm by hitting Uninstall when prompted.

Uninstalling via Google Play

Follow the steps given below to uninstall viz Google Play.

  • Launch the Google Play Store application. Select My Apps after hitting the Play Store icon.
  • Browse for the NCH Software and select, once found.
  • Tap the options Uninstall and confirm your action when prompted.

How to Uninstall on iOS?

Here is how you can uninstall this software on iOS.

  • Navigate to the Home Screen and spot the icon for the NCH Software.
  • Press and hold the icon. Keep holding until the icons begin shaking.
  • Hit the X option to delete the selected application.
  • Confirm to Delete it; you can also Cancel if you want to.

Will I Still be Charged after Uninstalling NCH Software?

Yes, uninstalling the software is not enough to stop being charged for whatever monthly or yearly plan you have subscribed to. If you don’t want to be charged, you have to cancel your plan. Here is how you can do so.

  • Navigate to the Manage Your Subscriptions Page.
  • Select the program from the range offered
  • Select the option I would like to cancel my subscription and hit Submit.
  • Choose the reason why you want to cancel your subscription.
  • Select if your subscription is on Windows or Mac
  • Insert your E-mail address and hit the Submit button.
  • You will receive the mail for your subscription being canceled.

Now, you can be worry-free. You have blocked all the means by which you can be charged for a subscription payment.

The Best NCH Software Alternative: KeepStreams

There can be several reasons why one wishes to uninstall NCH Software. It might be because they faced errors when recording the screen with it. Some people don't use it owing to its pricey cost. Long story short, you needed to look for this how-to uninstall guide; you must be looking for an alternative. This is when KeepStreams comes into play!

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It’s fantastic software for downloading streams and getting offline access to them. The supported streaming sites include Netflix, Disney Plus, and loads more.

Key Features of NCH Software

Here are some of the key features of NCH Software. Let’s have a look at them!

Saves Metadata of Files

With KeepStreams, you can save the metadata of files. It can download anything from the cast to episode, season titles, and more. Later, you can utilize this data to organize your media library conveniently.

Convenient Browsing Methods

KeepStreams features a built-in browser; just type the keyword into the Search Box and spot your desired content in the search results. Alternatively, you can copy-paste the URL of the video into the designated area.

Allows Data Transfer

It supports downloading videos in universal file formats, i.e., MP4 and MKV. As these formats are playable on almost all streaming devices, you can transfer your content and access offline streaming anywhere and anytime.

High-Speed Batch Downloading

It’s one of the most notable features of KeepStreams. With it, you can download multiple videos or even a whole series in batch at 32 MBs per second speed. Select all videos, Add them to the queue, and choose Download All.

Supports Various Platforms

KeepStreams supports over 500 streaming platforms and over 1000 websites, out of which 40 are subscription based. You can download content from whatever platform you want, be it Crunchyroll, Twitch, Disney Plus, Netflix, etc.

Amazing Audio and Video Quality

This downloader is capable of downloading videos with 1080p, 720p, 4k, and 8k. Even when batch downloading, it doesn’t compromise on video quality. Coming to audio quality, the supported ones include EAC3 5.1 and AAC 2.0.

Enables Saving Multilingual Subtitles

It can save subtitles in two ways, embed them in the downloading video or download them separately as SRT files. Additionally, you can even select the language for the subtitles and audio tracks to ensure you better understand the dialogues.

How to Use KeepStreams?

The supported version can be obtained from the KeepStreams website.

  • Now you can launch KeepStreams, type the URL of the movie into the search bar, and select the one you wish to download.
  • To proceed to the details page, confirm the video content you wish to download by clicking on it.
  • To begin downloading, select the video source, quality, subtitles, and audio you want, and click "Download Now." You can also click "Add to Queue" to download all of the videos if you want to download multiple videos.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have summarized all you should know to answer the query on how to uninstall NCH Software. If you are looking for an alternative to this software after uninstalling it, there can be no better option than KeepStreams Video Downloader. It lets users download content from a range of platforms and stream it without any error, ad, or internet connectivity issues.

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