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PlayOn Add-ons: How to Use Them?

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Updated on Apr 19, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading
Playon addons and extensions have been popular. So, lets get to know how we can use those Playon extensions and addons.

I know a lot of people are fascinated by PlayOn extensions. And yes PlayOn addons are amazing. But the bad news is, that these plugins at present have been discontinued. It happened just as fast as people expected. Early on, PlayOn enabled people to use scripts, it’s a process in which a computer program can manipulate another program in the same interface. Just like how addons work.

Even scripts were discontinued. In this writeup, we will discuss How PlayOn had some of the big extension bases. But now it has been reduced to a pity show but the reason is not bankruptcy. PlayOn is minting money and hence the addons are not an issue in present times.

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Why Has PlayOn Discontinued Add-ons?

Well, to sum it up in a rather simple way they do not want to give you discounted deals. PlayOn is gaining a lot of traction. When a viable counterpart like Plex got introduced as a DVR competitor, PlayOn observed its revenue only quadrupling every month and that’s why PlayOn is now willing to take that leap. The PlayOn browser extension and various other extensions were part of the PlayOn desktop subscription. The lifetime subscription package had license bundles which when used will verify your account for your lifetime. These bundles were not very costly and were only $69.99 and $129.99.

But as PlayOn saw that their DVR service was cracking the revenue space they took the opportunity to scrap the lifetime plan and rename the PlayOn Desktop plan to the PlayOn Home plan. So in this plan, you have the only option to pay a yearly amount of $36.50 and if you want a monthly subscription you can easily get it for $4.99. So, PlayOn Desktop initially became PlayOn Home. This feature of PlayOn DVR was only focused on recording shows and then these recordings are placed in drives and not in Cloud as we see in PlayOn Cloud.

Can You Use Add-ons on PlayOn?

Well, now the truth is not that bad. You can use some addons on PlayOn. So, the thing is earlier when PlayOn was part of the Desktop plan. They had addons that had all the attributes of recording and manipulating the video content. And even marking the parts you want.

So, these plugins/addons are not continued. There is a third-party addon that can be integrated with the PlayOn interface and the process is very easy. Let’s know what Kodi addonPlayOn is and How it is used/installed?

What Is PlayOn Kodi Add-on?

So here is the thing Kodi is a software that allows the streaming of various videos on the internet. You can use it to do a lot of things especially since it’s free you can access a lot of content from the platform. The streaming is a tad bit faster than the new PlayOn software as the open-source code does not have a lot of programs to handle. You can simply take the PlayOn add-on and simply use it to stream movies of your choice; it's not that hard at all.

How to Use PlayOn Kodi Add-on?

So, here Kodi is an addon that supports seamless streaming of movies and content off of major streaming websites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and HBO Max. But to stream all the major content off of these websites, you also need to set up your PlayOn DVR service first. To do that, you have to make sure to follow all the steps sequentially and properly:

Step-by-step Guide to Setting up PlayOn and Record

  • Download PlayOn.
  • Try to run the file and tick all the checkboxes that are asking for consent and agreement.
  • Now, you have to click install. The installation will take some time. Wait for some time.
  • Now once the device has been properly installed. You will get an option to load the device. Make sure that you do that.
  • Now go to the gear icon from the list of options you will find ‘get channel’. The gear icon in the settings.
  • Now select a channel that you want to load, and hence they will ask you for your login details. Now you can either key in all the details or just check it through PlayOn testing. As incorrect attempts, logging in can make some websites ban your account for some time.
  • Now the PlayOn part has been done. Let’s look at the Kodi addon part.

Step-by-step Guide to Using Kodi PlayOn Add-on

  • Visit the Kodi store. Simply key in Kodi on your google search and click on the first website you see.
  • In the Kodi main menu, you will find an option called ‘addons’ click that.
  • Now select ‘download’ from the list of options.
  • Once you select it, you will get a list of streaming DVR platforms.
  • You can simply select PlayOn.
  • Now install the addon. Simply click on ‘install’.
  • Once the addon is installed, you have to move back to the browser.
  • Now click channels from your list of options.
  • Select a channel and test your PlayOn extension.
  • Once that’s done you are good to go
  • Simply key in your login details.
  • Now start watching your favorite shows and enjoy to your heart’s content.

How to Use the PlayOn Browser Extension?

So along with the Kodi PlayOn integration. One more extension that has worked perfectly for PlayOn fans is the browser extension. So, the browser add-ons/extensions have been a problem recently with the updates and the whole transition thing but still if people can roll back their updates, especially of the browsers that they use. They will be able to use the browser extension again. The process is simple.

Steps to Use PlayOn Browser Extension

  • First of all, roll back your updates to Mozilla 4.4 version.
  • Now open your PlayOn app and move to the settings option.
  • From the settings screen, you will see many tabs. From that list click on the browser.
  • Now select the browser that you want to integrate and then click on apply.
  • Once that is done, open the browser.
  • You will get a message saying the PlayOn browser add-on has been successfully installed.
  • Now open any platform of your choice where you want to record footage.
  • Now you can bookmark your videos and recordings by simply accessing PlayOn from the toolbar. Just simply read the interface and either record or save the videos as per your convenience.

Alternative to PlayOn?

There are many people who loved the addons of PlayOn, and since they are gone, they left using PlayOn. They are now looking for some great alternatives.

If you are one of such guys who is looking for a great alternative, stop worrying! I know one software that is the best one out there for downloading movies, shows and any videos from any streaming site. And, that is KeepStreams.

KeepStreams - State of the Art Technology

KeepStreams is one of the best downloaders out there which is available for most of the OTT platforms. That means, no matter if you want to download from Hulu or Netflix or HBO or ESPN or Peacock or CW or any other platform, it will download the movies, shows or videos in just a few clicks!

Best Features of KeepStreams

  1. Batch Download: If you have planned to download multiple movies and shows then you don’t have to wait for one to get completed before you start downloading the other. You can put multiple videos for downloading simultaneously.
  2. MP4 Format: Although it supports MP4 and MKV, by default it downloads videos in MP4 format which is highly compatible allowing you to play the videos on any device or media player.
  3. Subtitles Download: While downloading movies and shows, it downloads subtitles as well.
  4. Inbuilt Browser: In built browser helps you browse the content of any platform right there in the software interface.
  5. HD Quality: All the video downloads are in HD format.

How to Download Movies Using KeepStreams?

  1. First of all, you have to download and install KeepStreams on your computer.
  2. Launch it.
  3. From Streaming Services, choose the OTT platform you want.
  4. Then login to that platform using your credentials, and you will be able to see the content of that platform.
  5. Now, go to the movie you want to download, and click “Download Now”.

Overall, KeepStreams is a one stop solution for all of your downloading needs, and it surely the best alternative to PlayOn.

Final Words

Sadly, most of the inbuilt plugins of PlayOn have been scrapped. The add-on browser extension is also not compatible with the new browsers. I have suggested some ways to deal with these problems. Do read up on them.

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