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PlayOn App Roku Channel Support: How to Download?

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Updated on Apr 19, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading
The best thing about PlayOn as of now is How it has revolutionised the viewing experience by including channels like Roku which has a lot of free subscriptions including Peacock or a Free Trial of CBS Access.

As you know PlayOn is quite a multi-streaming channel website. With time PlayOn has emerged as one of the most sought after DVRs in the streaming/recording space. The best thing about PlayOn as of now is How it has revolutionised the viewing experience by including channels like Roku which has a lot of free subscriptions including Peacock or a Free Trial of CBS Access. Do not worry we will look into the entire process of How the PlayOn app specifically caters and create a difference in the streaming space?

This piece will also focus on the ‘how’ factor here. We will guide you through all the steps on How to include Roku on your PlayOn. At first, it might sound complicated, but when doing the exact thing mentioned, you won’t have issues in merging both these awesome platforms. PlayOn will help you record your favourite shows and movies as per the plan you have subscribed to. After that, there should not be more problems/issues regarding the matter. All you need to do is cast your shows from PlayOn to Roku TV.

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How Is PlayOn Like on Roku?

PlayOn Roku is like sweetwater poured into one’s mouth from the source of the river. It exactly feels like the ‘Content source’ meets its ends to provide the audience with some visual ecstasy. Roku itself has so many channels.

But what if you get access to PlayOn and you can most probably stream whatever you like on your Roku smart TV. And the best feature that Roku has is giving you the ability to download videos as per your wish. Platforms like HBO Max and Peacock have numerous videos for you, if you are utilising both the streaming plan’s free trials as well as PlayOn’s free trial, Trust me you have won a jackpot.

How to Add a PlayOn DVR to Your Roku?

So, the process to include PlayOn DVR is rather simple. Just make sure you have rather done all the steps sequentially. All the steps are important here and should be done adequately.

Steps to Include PlayOn on Your Roku Device

  • Download your PlayOn DVR Home on your PC.
  • Make sure you are signed in and then there will be a list of steps that will be mentioned on How to install Roku on your device. Follow all the steps sequentially.
  • Once you are done, now from the PC what you can do is open the PlayOne Home app and record your favourite titles.
  • Now, what you need to do is first record those files and then tap cast on your PlayOn PC by accessing your recording library which will be available in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Once that’s done on your Roku device you will be able to cast your content by selecting Roku from the list of devices that will enable you to cast your content.

What Channels Will You Be Watching on PlayOn+Roku?

The PlayOn app on Roku can play any of the streaming service’s content that is included with PlayOn. You can watch content from CBS Access, Peacock, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime and Netflix. It will act as a one in all media server for PlayOn. These are the features you will be able to access.

Features of PlayOn+Roku

  • All in one media server: PlayOn has an exclusive right over Roku now as you can simply cast and provide all of the content off your PlayOn to your Roku device.
  • Record your favourite shows: To watch your recordings just make sure that you can record your favourite shows and once you save your videos on your PlayOn recording space. You can simply stream anywhere.
  • Record later and play on Roku: There is no issue if you are one of those people who wants to record the videos later. You just have to use the subscription button and mention the time slot you want to record. Once you have completed it, you just need to make sure that your recording is being properly cast off to your Roku device.
  • In Roku and other services, if you are using them for free, you will have a lot of ads. A recorded video material simply tackles the problem by just streaming it completely as per the stuff that you have recorded.

How Is PlayOn Cloud+Roku?

Now, as mentioned, PlayOn Home will let you record your favourite TV shows on Roku and then later you can watch them on the TV. But the PlayOn Cloud channel has come off the market in the Roku Channel Store.

That means you do not have to cast your recordings, as the recording component and files were on the hard drive. Now with Cloud, you can just simply save all your recordings on your Cloud Credits (allocated cloud space bought from PlayOn). And then directly play your videos on your Roku device.

Use Auto Downloadable Features on PlayOn+Roku

See, the auto downloadable feature is only available for people who use the cloud. It’s just simply logging in to your PlayOn account through the PlayOn Cloud app and as you set the auto-download feature, the video will be downloaded in due time. People can access sit on Roku through the app without having to worry about the transfer process.

What Is the Use of Plex?

Now as PlayOn and Roku merge well, you can use the cloud space and stream your favourite shows. Now, what if you want cable content and use it to stream it on Roku. Roku can provide you with cable content as per the price point you pay, but the Plex channel on Roku will provide DVR settings and also a recording feature and can cast your content. The + here is that you can simply record and keep your stuff on the PC from live television.

KeepStreams - Another Way of Recording the Content for Your Offline Use

KeepStreams is the best way to download the content from various streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO, and so on. It is packed with great features which you can check out next.

Features of KeepStreams

  1. Multiple OTT Support: Not 1, 2 OTT platforms but it offers to download movies and shows from a huge number of OTT platforms and streaming websites.
  2. Batch Download: Simultaneously, you can download multiple movies and shows.
  3. Compatible Format: All downloaders are in MP4 format which is highly compatible across the devices.
  4. In-built browser: The software offers an in-built browser which enables you to browse the content of any OTT platform.
  5. Subtitles Download: If you are watching movies of different languages, subtitles can help. Luckily, Keepstreams downloads subtitles as well.
  6. HD Download: All the downloads are in HD quality.

To Download a movie from an OTT, you just have to download KeepStreams on your computer. Then launch it, and then go to the Streaming ServicesOTT Platform which you want.

Then, select the movie, and click “Download Now!”

Final Say

PlayOn and Roku compliment each other amazingly. You have to follow the steps in the nail to the hook way. It shall be precise and you have to do exactly as mentioned in this piece. This article comprehensively talks about the features of both PlayOn and Roku platforms and How they multifunction together.

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KeepStreams support most OTT platforms and movie streaming services, we offer great service to maintain the integrity of our brand experience.

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