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Fix Netflix Error Code UI-800-3 in These Easy Steps!

| Netflix |
Updated on Aug 10, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading
One of the most reported errors many Netflix users face is Netflix Error code UI-800-3. What it is and how users can fix this will be discussed in today’s article.

Netflix is known for its uninterrupted and seamless streaming services that allow its subscribers to watch hundreds and thousands of videos and shows practically from every genre possible.

But just like any other service, Netflix isn’t free from flaws either. One of the most reported errors many Netflix users face is Netflix Error code UI-800-3. What it is and how users can fix this will be discussed in today’s article.

What Does Netflix Error Code UI-800-3 Mean?

The Error UI-800-3 on Netflix is something most Netflix users have come across at least once.

So, what causes the Netflix Error code UI-800-3? The Netflix Error code UI-800-3 can arise due to various reasons.

However, the most common reason behind this Error Code of Netflix is due to cached data, in which Netflix stores images, scripts, and other media files. This Error Code of Netflix can also arise due to “Signing in” issues, in which this error code appears when a Netflix subscriber tries to sign into their account.

Such errors in internal data do not allow users to access their Netflix account or stream their desired movies, TV shows, and other content on Netflix. This Netflix Error Code is quite common in a variety of devices, such as Smart TVs, gaming consoles, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and other media players.

But, the good news is that there are various ways you can fix this Netflix Error code on any device you are prompted with this error on. And, we’re going to tell you the easiest ways you can fix this daunting error yourself so that you can continue watching all your favorite Netflix content.

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How to Fix Netflix Error Code UI-800-3?

Restart Your Device

One of the easiest fixes for Netflix Error Code is simply restarting your streaming device. Restarting your streaming device will eliminate any corrupted files or bugs that may be causing this Error Code to pop up.

So, shut down your desired streaming device and then unplug it and a TV from the power source. Wait for a few minutes, and then plug both backs into the power source. Turn your streaming device and TV on, and launch Netflix.

Sign Out of All Devices

If you keep getting prompted by this Error Code, then you should consider signing out of all devices from your Netflix account. By signing out of all devices, every device that is currently logged into your Netflix account will automatically be signed out.

To sign out of all devices, head over to your Profile. From Settings, click on ‘Sign Out Of All Devices.’

Then, sign back into your Netflix account, and check whether you are still prompted with the Error Code. If so, continue reading for more easy fixes and solutions.

Clear Netflix App Cache

As mentioned earlier, this Error Code by Netflix is usually a result of corrupted files or other data. To fix this, an easy solution is simply clearing the Netflix app cache.

Depending upon your device, you will most likely be required to head over to Settings and then clear the cache of Netflix from there.

Reinstall the Netflix App

Another easy fix for the Netflix Error code is deleting and then reinstalling the Netflix app. This will help eliminate any errors or bugs that may be present within the Netflix app itself.

So, delete the Netflix app from your device. Head over to the designated play store of your streaming device, and then install the Netflix app once again.

Reset the Netflix App

Resetting the Netflix app can also help solve the issue of the Netflix Error Code. Resetting the Netflix app is easy and is done from within the app.

Follow these steps to reset the Netflix app on your device successfully:

  • Launch the Netflix app
  • Click on More Details on the UI 800 3 Error message
  • Look for the Reset Netflix option and click on it
  • Relaunch the Netflix app

Relaunch the Netflix app, sign into your account if necessary, and see if the problem persists.

Change the Screen Resolution of the Device

Another trigger of the Netflix UI 800 3 Error message is a mismatch between the streaming device and TV. Hence, you must consider changing the resolution of your screen to avoid this issue.

From the Settings of your TV streaming device, consider setting the resolution to 1080P, and then launch Netflix to check if you are no longer being prompted with the Error code.

Change the DNS Settings

Another reason for the Netflix error code may be due to the DNS servers that cannot translate the web addresses of the Netflix servers correctly. So, because the Netflix app can’t communicate with its servers properly, users are prompted with the Error Code UI-800-3. However, changing the DNS setting will surely eliminate this error.

If you own a Samsung TV, all you need to do is head over to General and then Network. From Network Status, select IP Settings. Click on DNS Settings, and then click on Enter Manually. Enter any one of the following DNS, and you’re good to go:

  • Google DNS
  • Cloudflare DNS

If you are using another streaming device, such as an Xbox One, you can set the DNS settings to Automatic to resolve Netflix UI-800-3 Xbox One error.

Check Your Wifi Connection

The UI-800-3 Error Code message can also pop up if the issue lies in the internet connection.

If your WiFi is not working properly or there are weak signals, it is quite normal for the Error message to pop up. So, you must make sure your internet connection isn’t the underlying reason behind this error.

In this case, you must check your WiFi modem for any loose wiring and also make sure that your device is not too far away from your WiFi router, which may be causing weak signals. You might also want to check the speed of your WiFi by running a speed test.

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In the End

This ultimate step-by-step guide will help you fix Netflix Error Code UI-800-3 all by yourself. We also highly recommend KeepStreams for Netflix downloader, which is a pinnacle of all video downloading tools available to date.

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