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Your Ultimate Guide to What Is PlayOn Xbox One

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Updated on Sep 05, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
Want to learn what’s PlayOn Xbox One and how to cast videos with PlayOn to Xbox One? Read this article as we take you through all the information you should know about it.

PlayOn, an impressive screen recorder, include PlayOn Cloud and PlayOn Home. PlayOn Home is compatible with PC only, while the former is compatible with Windows and Mac.

Where both the PlayOn home and PlayOn Cloud enable transferring data to other devices and allow syncing, they permit casting too. In this article, we will focus on casting any video from PlayOn to the Xbox One. We will also shed light on what's PlayOn and what you should expect.

What Is PlayOn?

Before hopping onto what’s PlayOn Xbox One and more, let’s first have a brief overview of what’s PlayOn and what it has to offer us.

PlayOn is an amazing platform giving users offline access to their fav content via recording. From browsing for movies and shows to recording and downloading them, PlayOn has made everything easier! PlayOn has a user-friendly interface, which will help you use it easily. Just follow the rhythm, and that’s it!


PlayOn has lots of features that can be attributed to its popularity. Here we have listed a few of them; let's have a look at them!

Features of PlayOn Xbox One

Here are some of the key features of the PlayOn; let’s have a look!

  • It enables downloading videos with top-notch quality, ranging from 720p and 1080p to HD and SD.
  • It offers closed captioning support and enables offline viewing.
  • Enable skipping ads to make the offline streaming experience seamless and more joyful.
  • With it, you can cast your recorded videos to TV via streaming devices and on other devices, like Xbox One.
  • It enables sparing bandwidth over Wi-Fi to auto-download recordings at your preset time.
  • It can turn your streaming device into a Whole Home DVR.

Read this article to learn all about the Audials VS PlayOn: Which One Is Better?

What Is PlayOn Xbox One?

PlayOn Xbox One

One of the incredible features of PlayOn is casting the recordings to other devices, with Xbox One being a prominent one. However, if you are a streamer who likes streaming on Xbox, PlayOn Xbox One has got you covered!

With it, you can turn your Xbox into your home’s media center. PlayOn accounts for an award-winning, easy-to-use, and cost-efficient media server for Xbox Series X or Xbox One. So, what are you waiting for? Install PlayOn now and jump to the below section to learn how to cast recordings to your Xbox utilizing it.

Wondering what are the Best PlayOn Plugins? Give this article a quick read to find out!

System Requirements

Hop on below to learn about the system requirements for casting videos to your Xbox via PlayOn.

  • PC with Windows OS
  • 100MB of available hard drive space for the install
  • Minimum of 512 MB RAM
  • Home network

How to Add PlayOn to Xbox 360?

Add PlayOn to Xbox 360

Here is how you can get access to PlayOn Xbox 360.

  • Grab your Xbox 360 and hit Search Apps.
  • Search for PlayOn and hit the Download button showing up on the overview page.
  • Now, choose Confirm Purchase to download and install it.
  • Once installed, navigate to Apps, hit My Apps, and click the icon of the app you just downloaded to launch it.

How to Cast to Xbox?

Follow the steps below to initiate casting your recorded videos to your Xbox 360.

  • Record the video you wish to cast to your Xbox.
  • On terminating the recording of the video, browse for it in the recorded files, and click on it.
  • Now hit the Cast button and ensure your casting device, i.e., Xbox 360 and PC, are connected to the same internet connection.
  • Select Xbox 360 from the range of supported devices from the list popping up in the Cast to a Device window.

Controlling the Cast

You can control your cast via a cast controller at the bottom of your PlayOn app's screen. With it, you can tweak the volume of your cast, can skip and pause, and forward and reverse it. You can also scroll through your window via your screen bar.

If the cast controller is disrupting your streaming, you can close it. Just hit the cast controller icon in the PlayOn dashboard's bottom right corner to do so.

Note: if you are casting a live stream, you won’t be able to move your casting forward. It’s not valid with the recorded videos, which can be scrolled to whatever point you want.

What to do If PlayOn Can’t Find my Xbox for Casting?

Remember one thing: if you want to cast to your Xbox, both your PC and gaming console must be connected to the same internet connection. In some cases, your router connects one of the devices to the Guest network, that’s different from the regular internet connection.

The router may also have a built-in mechanism for separating the route of wireless and wired devices. However, ensuring that the devices are connected to the same internet connection might be trickier.

A simple way to verify is to check if your Xbox and PC IP addresses match. For this, you must manually check each device's IP address. Here is how you can do so.

Checking the IP Address of Your PC

  • Go to your browser and hop onto the website
  • Now, navigate to the Notification tray and right-click on the Network icon.
  • Choose open Network and Internet Settings.
  • In the following window, hit the Properties button.
  • Lastly, scroll down to look for the LAN IP address of your PC. It will be mentioned beside the IPv4 address.

Checking the IP Address of Your Xbox One

  • Turn ON your Xbox One and press the Home of your Xbox’s controller.
  • Go to Settings, choose Network, then choose Network Settings, and lastly, Advanced Settings.
  • Here, hit IP Settings and find your IP address.

If you have ensured that your devices are on the same internet connection and still the PlayOn is unable to find your casting device, stop and restart the PlayOn server. To do so, go to the PlayOn Settings and the General tab. It often resolves internet connection issues.

Is It Safe to Use PlayOn Xbox One?

Be worry less as it’s 100% safe to use the PlayOn on Xbox. It’s because PlayOn is legal when being legit, and it's secured with the implementation of the same laws that permit the streamers to use a VCR or DVR for recording streaming videos. Moreover, PlayOn protects any third-party site's password, which will be encrypted on your device.

Using PlayOn on Xbox is also safe as PlayOn does face errors, but those are related to the app itself and don’t affect the device in any way. Still facing errors can spoil your mood, leaving you all irritated. In such cases, most users start browsing for PlayOn alternatives. If you are also one of them, you will find a ultimate solution in the following part!

What’s a Better Alternative to PlayOn Xbox One for Downloading/Recording Streaming Videos?

KeepStreams makes the best alternative to the PlayOn. It is a fantastic video downloader that allows users to download content from over 1000 websites, including renowned ones like Netflix, Disney Plus, Paramount Plus, Crunchyroll, and more.

None of the KeepStreams users have reported it being stuck or facing any error; this is enough to validate it’s 100% safe to use. Hop on below to learn more about this amazing downloader.

KeepStreams Video Downloader
Keep Your Netflix Movies, TVs and Shows Offline with KeepStreams.
  • Download movies, TVs and shows from 1000+ streaming sites.
  • Download videos in up to 1080p.
  • Save Subtitles as external SRT files.
  • Free trial for 30 days.
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Impressive Features of KeepStreams

Below we have listed some of the notable features of the KeepStreams that will convince you why we have called it a better alternative to the PlayOn Xbox One.

Managing Data and Data Transfer – KeepStreams allows users to manage their downloads by saving the metadata of files. This data can later be used to arrange downloads and make a personalized library. It also enables the transfer of data to other devices.

Built-In Browser – KeepStreams comes with a built-in browser that you can use to search for your desired video within the software, which is handy and practical.

Outstanding Audio and Video Quality – With KeepStreams, you can download videos with 1080p, 720p, and more. It supports various audio channels, including AAC 2.0 and AC3 5.1.

Automatically Download New Release – Add your favorite streaming channel to the schedule, and that's it! KeepStream will now download the newly released episodes of that specified channel on its own.

Wrapping Up

Although PlayOn Xbox One makes the best buddy for streaming content via casting to your Xbox One or Xbox Series X, the issues you might face during casting can be quite irritating. This might leave you wondering what’s the better alternative to the PlayOn Xbox One. And we all know there can be no better choice than the KeepStreams!

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