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Vamos conhecer o Black Adam e ler como assisti -lo on -line e offline.

If you have read or are familiar with DC Comics, you must be knowing the Character of Black Adam. Black Adam movie is the forthcoming addition to the DC film series starring The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) as Black Adam. The movie was set to release in December last year but due to the COVID pandemic, it was delayed. Black Adam release date is scheduled for October 21, 2022, in the United States. Read more about the most anticipated movie, Black Adam 2022, its plot, teaser review, cast, and everything you want to know about it before it is finally out for viewing.

What Is Black Adam About?

The first Black Adam trailer was released on April 23, 2021, by DC Fandom on its official YouTube channel. Viewers still have to wait a few months till October 21, 2022, to unveil the full movie.

Teth Adam or Black Adam The Rock is the center character of the film. As per the official reports, this upcoming film is the spin-off and sequel to the 2019 Shazam. You might be confused if it has any connection with 2010 released Superman/Shazam! In the Return of Black Adam, then we could only state that as per the official Black Adam DC series trailer, nothing is clear about the storyline. Maybe the movie will surprise the audience.

Although the movie title indicates Black Adam as a Hero but taking to his Instagram, Dwayne Johnson Black Adam states that"Você’re Right, Superheroes don’t kill people, But I do". However, this is just a trailer and the movie might introduce us to something different and interesting.

As per the DC official synopsis, Black Adam is a science fiction movie based on the fictional characters of DC comics. The story is based on Egyptian mythology wherein The Rock Black Adam is imprisoned for 5000 years for his sins and anti-hero tendencies. He has the almighty powers of the Egyptian Gods. However, in the DC comics universe, Black Adam is a supervillain and arch-enemy. So it will be interesting to see the fight between two powerful characters - The Blck Adam and Shazam.

Apart from the trailer, Dwayne Johnson invites curious audiences on his official Instagram page to peek into the opening scene behind the camera. The action scene seems quite entertaining where the hero is entering the modern world.

Black Adam - Cast, Crew, Release, and Much More

It is no more a secret that the role of the title character, Black Adam, will be played by none other than The Rock. While the teaser has given us some idea about the Preto Adam cast , crew, and plot, we work hard to collect all the information for you, presenting it in the table here.


Jaume Collet-Serra


Adam Sztykiel

Rory Haines

Sohrab Noshirvani


Dwayne Johnson

Dany Garcia

Hiram Garcia

Beau Flynn

Star Cast

Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam . He plays the lead role in the movie. The movie is set in the land of Kahndaq where he was imprisoned for 5000 years.

Noah Centineo as Atom Smasher .He is acting as a member of JSA (Justice Society of America). He holds the power of controlling his molecular structure and can change his size and strengths.

Aldis Hodge as Hawkman. He is playing the role of an archaeologist who takes the rebirth of the Egyptian Prince. He can fly with his metal wings.

Sarah Shahi as Adrianna Tomaz plays the role of a professor.

Quintessa Swindell as Ciclone . She is playing a member of JSA in the movie. She is the head daughter of the Red Tornado who has the power to control the wind.

Pierce Brosnan as Kent Nelson or Doctor Fate . He is the son of an archeologist and is a member of JSA.

Production Under the Banner of

New Line Cinema

DC Films

Seven Bucks Productions


Distribuído por

Warner Bros. pictures


Lawrence Sher


John Lee

Datas de lançamento

October 21, 2022


Estados Unidos



Black Adam - Critic Reviews & Ratings

Nothing could be happier for the fans of Dwayne Johnson, that he is finally going to have his own Superhero movie starring himself. It is exciting to see Johnson in this role, though this is not the first time that he is playing action roles in science fiction. However, this seems to be Johnson's wish himself and has come true. Talking about the movie, its trailer was released a year ago already but the release was delayed due to COVID -19. If everything goes right, the movie is set to release in October this year.

For those who are die-hard fans of Rock, it is needless to say they must watch the movie, and even if you are not a fan, watch the movie full of action and unlimited drama as appears from the trailer. So far no ratings are there from critics because the movie is not yet on the big screen.

Where Can I Watch Black Adam?

Since the movie is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, it is quite understandable that the movie will be released on HBO Max which is the stand-alone streaming service in America owned and operated by Warner Bros. All the subscribed users in the United States will be able to watch Black Adam online or can also download it to watch offline.

Movie freaks in other countries may have to wait for the release on other streaming services. Alternatively can use VPN, to access the HBO services in the United States.

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Posso baixar o Black Adam da HBO Max?

Como o Black Adam está disponível no HBO Max, você pode baixá -lo apenas lá. Mas, como você sabe, não’T Permito baixar filmes e programas para o seu dispositivo. Portanto, é necessário um software de downloader que possa tornar o filme para download para você e você apenas clica e baixar.
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Era o ano de 2007, quando Dwyane Johnson queria jogar Balck Adam e isso'S 15 anos agora, quando finalmente o Black Adam está pronto para ser lançado. O filme é sobre um escravo de Kahndaq, que é um guerreiro cruel e seus poderes todo -poderoso. Portanto, é interessante ver o herói Jumanji em Black Adam'papel. A partir de agora, a revisão é baseada apenas no trailer oficial lançado pela Warners Bros. Pictures e continuaremos atualizando nossa página com as atualizações mais recentes e futuras. Então fique ligado.

Perguntas frequentes

Quando o Black Adam será lançado?

O filme foi lançado em dezembro do ano passado, mas devido à pandemia Covid, o plano foi alterado. A data de lançamento do filme está programada para 21 de outubro de 2022, nos Estados Unidos.

Onde o Black Adam pode ser assistido online?

O filme é distribuído pela Warner Bros. Pictures, por isso é óbvio que o filme será lançado na HBO Max, que é o serviço de streaming independente nos Estados Unidos pertencente e operado pela Warner Bros. Todos os usuários assinados nos Estados Unidos Será capaz de assistir Black Adam online ou também pode baixá -lo offline para assistir posteriormente.

Quem é Black Adam?

Black Adam é um personagem de quadrinhos fictício na DC Comics. O personagem foi criado por Otto Binder e C. C. Beck é um arquiinimigo de Shazam, o super -herói. O universo da DC já lançou tantos filmes com base em seus personagens originais. O último lançamento nesta linha é o Black Adam tocado pelo rock, que deve ser lançado ainda este ano.

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