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[2024] Summary of how to record Paravi programs on your PC/phone! Efficient and high mass!

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Updated on Apr 24, 2024 | 5 Minutes Reading
If you are wondering how to record Paravi shows and dramas, please check out the following section.

Paravi, which will be integrated with U-NEXT in July 2023, is a video streaming service that offers unlimited access to Japanese dramas and variety shows from TBS and TV Tokyo. You can also stream advance or missed shows here. However, if you are on the go or worried about communication costs, it may be difficult to casually watch Paravi videos. Therefore, this article details how to record Paravi videos on your computer and smartphone, respectively.

Method I: Record Paravi on PC efficiently and with high quality

If you want to record Paravi programs on your PC in an efficient and high-mass way, you can use one of the many products currently on the market KeepStreams One is recommended.


If you are a first-time user! Start with a free trial to get the best value for your money!

KeepStreams One is a new recording software that allows you to record not only Paravi shows, but also U-NEXT shows by extracting the URL directly. and Mac.

In addition, before recording a Paravi show, you can select the video resolution as low, medium, or high (up to Full HD), the audio track as ACC/EAC3, and subtitle or voice-over.

The recorded content is saved as MP4/MKV, which can be transferred not only to your computer, but also to your smartphone, TV, or game console. That way, you would be able to easily save Paravi videos to your iPhone's camera roll for offline viewing.

In addition, a scheduled recording function is included, allowing you to set the recording time to coincide with the streaming time of a Paravi program, allowing you to record videos without any hassle.

Here we will explain how to record Paravi videos. If you follow the process, you can easily record and save videos.

How to record Paravi programs with KeepStreams One

Step 1. Launch the recording tool and use it without registration (free trial)

Download and install KeepStreams on your computer. launch KeepStreams and select U-NEXT from "VIP Services" on the left side. This is a free trial and available without registration.

Step2. Playback with Paravi Video's built-in browser

Access U-NEXT using the built-in browser and log in to your U-NEXT account. Then, playback the Paravi show or anime you wish to record. Analysis of the video data will begin, and no copying of the URL is required.

Step2. Playback with the built-in browser of Paravi Video-1

Step3. Set screen recording and save format for Paravi videos

After analysis, a pop-up window will appear to set the screen recording and saving format for Paravi videos.

Step3.Set up screen recording and saving format for Paravi videos-1

  • (1) You can select single or multiple episodes you want to save.
  • 2) You can select the resolution up to Full HD (1080P).
  • (iii) If you wish to schedule recording of new episodes, set the start time of recording according to the delivery time in the "Schedule" field.
  • ④Click to add to queue, and you can download it later with other Paravi videos.
  • ⑤ Click to download the selected episode instantly.

Step4. Record and save Paravi at double speed

Click "Downloading" on the left side of the main screen to check the progress of videos that have started recording and have been added to the queue. Here you can control double-speed recording by clicking "Start All," "Pause All," etc.

Step4.Double-speed recording and saving on Paravi-1

Recorded videos can be saved as MP4 or MKV with the default file save path of [Document>KeepStreams>KeepStreams>Output>U-NEXT].

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Method 2: Record and save Paravi on your smartphone (iPhone/Android)

How to record and save Paravi on iPhone

iPhone users with iOS 11 or later can record Paravi using the included feature [Screen Recording].

If you are new to "Screen Recording", please add it to the Control Center. Go to "Settings" > "Control Center" and add "Screen Recording" from "Add Control" and check it under "Included Controls".

You will then be able to use the iPhone's 【Screen Recording】 feature.

  • First, open the U-NEXT application, and with the paravi video you want to watch playing, swipe from the upper right corner of the screen to display the Control Center.
  • Then, tap the [Screen Recording] icon, and a 3-second countdown will begin, after which you can swipe up to return to the playback screen.
  • When the red button appears in the upper left corner of the screen, recording will begin.
  • When you are done playing back the program, tap the red button and you will be prompted to "Stop Screen Recording?" on the confirmation screen, select "Stop" to stop recording.
  • The recorded paravi video will be automatically saved to the iPhone camera roll.

How to record and save Paravi on iPhone-1

<image credit: >

How to Record and Save Paravi on Android

Android 11 and later can record Paravi videos using the standard [Screen Recording] function.

  • First, open the U-NEXT application in the same way, and with the paravi video you want to watch playing, swipe from the upper right corner of the screen from top to bottom until a drop-down menu appears.
  • Tap "Start Screen Record" and then "Start". (If you want to record audio as well here, turn on "Record".
  • When the red mark appears on the screen and the 3-second countdown ends, recording of the program will begin.
  • If you wish to stop screen recording, tap "Stop Screen Record" in the drop-down menu.
  • The recorded video will be saved to the gallery or other location.

How to record and save Paravi on Android-1

<image credit: >

For Android 11 and earlier, screen recording apps are available. The recommended app is AZ Screen Recorder. This is an Android-only screen recording app, available for free, that allows you to record Paravi videos.

Notes on recording Paravi

Point 1. copyright of Paravi's distribution contents

Some of the content distributed by Paravi is copyrighted content. Recording or recording such works may cause legal problems, so please check thoroughly before recording.

Point 2. Purpose of use of recorded Paravi videos

Recorded Paravi videos should be viewed for personal use only. Distribution of recorded videos to others, unauthorized reproduction or reprinting, or any other use outside of the purpose of private use may constitute copyright infringement or violation of neighboring rights.

Point 3. The screen of the recorded Paravi video is black.

In general recording methods, the playback screen of recorded videos may be black due to the DRM technology used by VOD services such as Paravi. In this case, switching to a newer recording software that is more efficient and provides higher quality recordings may be considered.


In this article, we have introduced methods for different devices to record Paravi programs. Please choose one recording method that best suits your needs.

We especially recommend KeepStreams One! With this highly functionalized recording software, you can record Paravi videos efficiently and quickly record multiple episodes for double-speed recording. Please give it a try!

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