How to Screen Record Hulu Offline?

| Published on Apr 15, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
Here is a guide for you to record Hulu videos for offline viewing!
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How to Screen Record Hulu Offline?
5 Minutes Reading
Here is a guide for you to record Hulu videos for offline viewing!

The way described here will allow you to record Hulu videos in the same quality as the original ones. You will only need to pay Hulu plan for one month. Then you can record all the video titles that interest you, and save them for future reference. This means that Hulu videos can be saved on your device with super-high performance at a very low cost!

Although Hulu itself supports download and there's basically little need to record videos, it's worth knowing this practical way for the reason that it can complement the official download option.

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What Kinds of Hulu Videos to Record?

These are 3 kinds of videos available on Hulu:

  • Some titles are not available for downloading.
  • Some titles may be removed after a period of time.
  • Apart from the Hulu plan, rental works are separately charged.

You can quickly record these movies and store them for later use. This is an enormous merit.

New on Hulu

Something About Recording Hulu Videos

Recording Hulu videos is practically impossible because there is a prevention technology called HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) to prevent unauthorized recording of videos. This means that if you hope to record HDCP-encrypted content on Hulu and play it on other devices, you must make sure that your intended device is HDCP-enabled. Or in other words, the manufacturer of your intended device has obtained a license for the patent from Intel subsidiary Digital Content Protection LLC.


Hence Hulu is regarded as an impregnable copy guard. It is difficult to escape Hulu's copy guard. However, there is always a way out. We are going to take a look at the specific products and show you how to record videos with them. The recording way described here is completely legal, so you are free to record videos on demand with confidence.

What do You Need to Record Hulu?

Here, we will explain what is necessary to record the videos on Hulu. You are supposed to have at least three things as listed below:

  • PC (together with available Internet connection)
  • Hulu account
  • Software to record

I believe that the first two things are easy to get, so I will give a detailed introduction to the recording software, KeepStreams for Hulu, in this section.

Advantages of KeepStreams for Hulu

  • You can download all videos which will be removed and keep it on your hard disk permanently.

  • You can save the whole rental works permanently.

  • You can download videos not available for downloading and view them offline.

  • You can reduce subscription fees by cancelling and repeating your contracts depending on how often you wish to view the videos.

  • You can watch recorded videos as often as you like on your devices.

How to Use KeepStreams Without Limits?

It is highly recommended to use the premium version of KeepStreams for it has no functional restrictions. However, a free trial version is also available for you. It is a smart idea to check out the functionality and performance using this free version.

Worth mentioning, currently, a special sale is being held on the official website of KeepStreams.

>> Purchase KeepStreams Downloader

Consider the following usage and you may find it reasonable to pay either 19.9$ for one month or 59.9$ for one year.

keepstreams for hulu checkout

How to Record Hulu Videos with KeepStreams?

Install KeepStreams for Hulu

1. Access the URL below and install the recording software on your computer.

>> KeepStreams for Hulu

2. Click the button labeled Free Download to download the installer.

free download

3. Once you have downloaded the file keepstreams_online_1109.exe, click to open it.

Note: The number 1109 here is the version number of KeepStreams, and it may change when the new versions release.

4. When the installation screen is displayed, click Quick Install to start the installation. You will need to wait for a few seconds until installation is completed, depending on your Internet environment but I believe it will take around 5 minutes.

5. Click when you see Launch Now. This will automatically launch KeepStreams for Hulu.

Change Software Language

The software may be displayed in English immediately after installation. If you wish to change the language, follow the following steps.

1. Click the three-line mark on the upper right of the operation screen to open the menu, and click Settings.

change the language

2. Select General > Language, and choose your intended one.

change the language

3. Once selected, the software will switch instantly to your chosen target language.

Get Started Recording

1. Click VIP Services on the left side of  KeepStreams's operation screen. Then, the corresponding streaming services will be listed, click Hulu.

2. When the Hulu page is displayed, click LOG IN on the upper right of the screen.

3. Once you have logged in, start playing the video you want to record. The screen that appears will allow you to select what video you wish to record.

hulu login

4. After selecting, click Download Now if you want to download at the present, or click Add to Queue if you want to select other videos and download them all at once.

5. If there are other video titles you want to record, click Home on the left side of the operation screen and follow the same procedure to select the video.

6. After selecting the video you want to record, click Start All to start recording (downloading).

7. Simply wait for the recording process to end. After recording (downloading) is completed, click Download on the left side of the operation screen to check the recordings of the earlier videos.


Jessie Smith
If you are interested in what KeepStreams can save, movie should come first for one of its best features.

KeepStreams support most OTT platforms and movie streaming services, we offer great service to maintain the integrity of our brand experience.

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