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How much does it cost to join Stacommu (Stacommu)? How can I download the videos of my guess members?

| Idol |
Updated on Sep 28, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading
This article describes the premium membership and video download of Stacommu (Stacommu). Stacommu is a fan community application that allows you to see what the members are up to live, which you cannot see on live or SNS, and to enjoy the members' radio feeds and collaborative feeds from the Stacommu group.

I want to see my favorite member live in stacom! Where can I watch them?"

"I want to save the videos of my favorite members, but I don't know how to do it..."

"Can I get the privilege of joining Stakomu, and can I also get the ticket lottery?"


If you hit the above problems, this article is a must! Here, we would like to explain about the official website of Stacommu (Stacommu), membership fee, and downloading videos.

What is Stacommu? What's the rating?

What kind of service is Stacommu?

Stakomu is a fan community application that allows you to see what the members are doing live that you can't see on live or SNS, and to enjoy the members' radio broadcasts and collaborative broadcasts of the staple groups.

Stacomu Rating/Reviews

"Notifications of the start of the distribution come without delay, and there doesn't seem to be much delay in the collaboration distribution, which is good. I would like to see the app do something like filtering by date and time or separating pages by every 20 posts, as it seems to become difficult to scroll through as the number of posts increases. It would also be nice to be able to see a list of only the members you are following, like a general SNS. "


"I think it's a very innovative app because everyone on Stapler is so cute and you can read their comments! I'm sad that I can't do background playback. I'd like to be able to do that even if it's only for premium members. "


"It's a great app and I'm enjoying it, but it's very inconvenient that you can't play the stream in the background. If only they could improve that, it would be perfect! "


Taken from APPLION

All in all, Stacomu is an app with a good reputation. Actually, you can visit the official Stakomu website on your computer as well as the app, and the functionality is almost the same as on your phone.

Stacommu (Stacommu) fees explained

Some content on Stacommu is available for free, but if you subscribe to the Premium Membership, a monthly membership, you can enjoy archived viewing of live broadcasts, etc., as well as members-only collaborative broadcasts and live broadcasts.

Monthly Fee for Premium Membership in Stacomu

The monthly fee for Stakomu's Premium Membership varies depending on the payment method.

Credit card payment: 1,100 yen (tax included)

In-application (IOS only) payment: 1,550 yen (tax included)

Here, we recommend that you pay by credit card rather than by app.

Payment Methods for Premium Membership in Stakomu

There are three types of payment methods available on Stakomu.

In-app purchase (only supported by the iOS application)

Credit card payment

Kyash (payment service)

Notes on joining Stakomu

  • Automatic renewal of premium membership in Stakomu

Once the billing to join Stakomu occurs, the premium membership will be renewed every 30 days.

  • There is no need to follow the monthly renewal procedure.

Once you become a Premium Member of Stakomu, your membership will be automatically renewed every month. There is no need for you to follow the monthly procedure because your membership will be automatically renewed unless you fail to make a payment or cancel your membership.

Benefits of Stakomu Premium Membership

Benefit 1: Limited benefits for starting members

Those who register for a limited period of time will benefit from the limited benefits of this period.

Benefit 2: Voice messages for all members

You will receive a "staccomium voice present" from your guess member.

Privilege 3: Gorgeous prizes to be awarded by lottery

Prize A: Your own custom-made wake-up voice message (limited to one person)

Prize B: Your personalized wake-up voice message (limited to 5 winners)

Prize C: Free cash back for one year (limited to 96 winners)

Uta Gassen Prize: Behind-the-scenes camera project of Momoiro Uta Gassen

How can I download Stakomu videos?

We are sure that there are many people who would like to save the live videos that are broadcasted on Stacomu. So, how can you save these contents? Maybe you need a professional downloader rather than a free extension software. Here, we recommend KeepStreams downloader.

KeepStreams downloader is a video downloader for Netflix, Disney+, HBO MAX, and many other streaming services. It can download videos faster and more efficiently than recording software. Also, like recording software, it allows you to download live while it is happening at the same time. We recommend KeepStreams if you want to save staccom archive live and also staccom prog videos.

Below are some of the benefits of KeepStreams.

  • Download stacomu archive live in 720p, 1080p, 2k, and 4k quality
  • Downloaded Stacomu Live video can be saved in MP4 format
  • Supports 5.1 channel Dolby channel. Enjoy the video as if you were at the live site.
  • You can download multiple Stacom Live videos at once.

Now, let's explain how to download stacomu archived live streaming videos with KeepStreams downloader.

STEP1 Please visit the official website of KeepStreams or click the button below to download its software.

STEP2 Paste the URL of the Stacom web page in the address bar of KeepStreams.

STEP3 k Go to the viewing page of the video you want to download using KeepStreams' built-in browser, and after analyzing the URL, click "M3U8" in the upper left corner.

STEP4 After selecting your desired video and audio quality in the window that appears, click "Download".

STEP5 Then the download has started.


In this article, we have explained about Stacommu's premium membership and downloading videos. If you have Keepstreams, you can download live-streaming videos from Nico Nico Channel, SHOWROOM,ZAIKO, etc. Please try it.

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