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How to Fix TunemyMusic Not Working?

| Tutorials |
Published on Sep 05, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
If music is your first love & you have a subscription to multiple music apps, TunemyMusic is the ultimate option to switch songs between services. But if TunemyMusic is not working, get instant fixes & alternatives.

When you love to float in the endless ocean of your favorite music magic, you have all the music apps installed on your device. You listen to different songs on all of your subscribed music apps. Instead, you must have a different playlist in different apps depending on your preference and the availability of the audio content on any particular platform.

So, TunemyMusic is the best solution to enjoy your entire music world in one platform while transferring them to any music app for easy access. However, what would you do when you see TunemyMusic not working?

So, here you will get the most effective fixes to TunemyMusic not loading or TunemyMusic soundtrack not found, or any other issue while targeting the reasons behind this problem. In addition, Soundiiz vs TunemyMusic comparison can help you to find the option to share and transfer music among different platforms.

What is TunemyMusic?


TunemyMusic software lets you transfer any playlist, album, or song from one music to another. Through the application, you can transfer music among different music apps with a few clicks. So let's see what it offers in its service. For example, if you are listening to any song on YouTube but want to add it to your Spotify playlist, this tool makes it hassle-free.

  • It supports multiple music streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Youtube, etc.
  • Enjoy consistent synchronization between two playlists from two music services.
  • You can share your preferred music with your friend's different music apps.
  • Upload any song to your music library from a file.
  • You can also take a backup of your playlist to any file.
  • This tool is available in 4 languages: English, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.

Why is TunemyMusic Not working?

Even though this tool has been designed to move your music world from one platform to another, sometimes you will face TunemyMusic not working issues. This problem involves different types of obstacles, such as TunemyMusic not loading or TunemyMusic failed to create playlist, and so on.


So, before fixing any of these issues, you need to identify why TunemyMusic not working. Depending on the users' experience, here you will see some real-time issues that cause TunemyMusic not working problem.

  1. TunemyMusic Not Loading: In that case, users can't see their uploaded playlist in the TunemyMusic app for transferring them to other music platforms. Unfortunately, the uploaded music doesn't appear on the app, leading to TunemyMusic not working issue.
  2. TunemyMusic Login Failure: Sometimes, users can't log in to their desired music app using TunemyMusic, and therefore it lets you come across TunemyMusic failed to create playlist issue. Until you log in to your music app's account through the TunemyMusic app, you can't even access your playlist from that particular app.
  3. TunemyMusic not Loading Songs: When you have crossed the daily limit of accessing music content on any particular music app such as YouTube or Amazon Music, you may not be allowed to upload any song or playlist to Tunenymusic app, and it causes TunemyMusic not loading the playlist issue.
  4. TunemyMusic Soundtrack Not Found: Sometimes, users can upload some of the songs from their playlists, and the rest can't be found in the Tunemymuisc app. Afterward, you will get a "Failed to Convert Playlist" error, and eventually, the TunemyMusic soundtrack not found issue appears in your music transferring process.
  5. Tunemymusuc Failed To Show Transferred Playlist: After transferring the entire playlist from one music app to another using the TunemyMusic app, you may have faced a TunemyMusic soundtrack not found the issue. Here, you can't find the transferred music in the app to where you have transferred your playlist to.
  6. TunemyMusic Not Working With Copyright Content: If you want to transfer any music content with copyright protection, you may find TunemyMusic not working problem. In that case, this app won't allow you to transfer content from one app to another.
  7. TunemyMusic Syncing Error: If you try to sync your TunemyMusice app with any music app when TunemyMusic has already been synced with two other music apps. Since this app synchronizes between two apps at a time, you will find TunemyMusic not working error once you try the third music app simultaneously to transfer your music content.

How To Fix TunemyMusic Not Working Issues?

While identifying the above-mentioned reason for TunemyMusic not working issues, you can avoid these problems while taking the necessary steps. However, when you doubt about does TunemyMusic work, you try to fix the TunemyMusic not working problem to make it work.

  • Clear The Browser Caches: If you find TunemyMusic not loading on your browser error, you must clear up the browser caches caused by cookies, extensions, and add-ons.
  • Get a Registered Account: To avoid the TunemyMusic not working issue, you need to get a registered account for the music app you are using for your music transformation. Without a paid subscription, sometimes you won't be able to transfer music from one app to another.
  • Wait For Stable Network: Sometimes the network of the music app you are using is not stable, and therefore TunemyMusic not working properly to transfer your selected music content. So, wait for a stable network for successful music transformation.
  • Transfer Regional Restriction-Free: You may face TunemyMusice not working error if you try to transfer any regionally restricted music content. So, avoid doing this to fix this problem.

Best Alternative to TunemyMusic: KeepStreamss Spotify Converter

If TunemyMusic not working happens quite often, it's time to find a reliable TunemyMusic alternative like KeepStreams Spotify Converter. Here you will know how KeepStreams works to bring out the best from Spotify for your offline listening.


  • Save ads-free music content from your ad-supported or ads-free Spotify subscription.
  • Get 100 million songs & 5 million podcasts in Mp3, M4A, FLAC, or WAV format to access them on any device.
  • Enjoy lossless conversion of your entire playlist with ID3 tag & Metadata.
  • Enjoy automatic and batch downloading of your multiple Spotify audio content.
  • Download DRM-protection-free songs with lyrics for humming to the songs.
  • KeepStreams is available in more than 10 languages.

Steps to Download Spotify Music Library with KeepStreams

Step 1: Install KeepStreams Spotify Converter based on your computer type.

Step 2: After launching the KeepStreams Spotify Converter on your PC, go to the "Music" and "Spotify" options to log into your Spotify account.


Step 3: Navigate and play the music content you like to download, and then select the file format and quality of your output profile.

Step 4: For instant download, go for the "Download Now" option and select the "Add to the Queue" option for later downloading.


If you want to know does TunemyMusic work or not, this article has given you the best solution to make this app work according to your specifications. However, while gathering your favorite music from various music apps to your trending Spotify app, you can enjoy them without the internet and any restrictions on your offline world with the flexible and customizable downloading features of the KeepStreams Spotify Converter.

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