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VideoSolo Screen Recorder Review: How to Record Videos with VideoSolo?

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Updated on Feb 08, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
Is VideoSolo Screen Recorder safe to use? This VideoSolo Screen Recorder review will show you the benefits and limits of VideoSolo and how to record videos with it!

Looking to find a practical screen recorder? Do not know how to record videos? This article will show you a practical reocorder, VideoSolo Screen Recorder and explain how to use VideoSolo Screen Recorder. Let's get started!

What Can I Get from VideoSolo Screen Recorder?

VideoSolo Screen Recorder is a video recorder that allows you to record full screen and your voice. VideoSolo Screen Recorder provides both Windows and Mac versions, which are user-friendly.


Benefits of using VideoSolo Screen Recorder

  1. You will enjoy seamless screen recording on any screen. The advanced technology of VideoSolo ensures that there is no lag or watermark during recording.
  2. You can draw marks and take a snapshot during recording.
  3. You can easily record your favorite streaming videos with VideoSolo Screen Recorder.
  4. You will enjoy high-quality output videos with common formats, including but not limited to AAC and MP4.
  5. You will not face the annoying watermark with VideoSolo Screen Recorder.

If you are a Windows user, you can even set a scheduled recording according to your needs. And you will never miss your favorite live shows with these fantastic features.

What are the Limits of VideoSolo Screen Recorder?

  1. No multiple PCs support. You can only use VideoSolo Screen Recorder on one PC.
  2. The recording is time-consuming. If you want to save the whole season of the latest Netflix series, it would be too long to wait.

Is VideoSolo Screen Recorder Free?

After knowing so many features of VideoSolo Screen Recorder, are you curious to know that it is free? In fact, it has a free version and a paid version.

Generally speaking, the paid version of the software will enjoy more convenience. VideoSolo Screen Recorder Free Version can only record videos in 3 minutes and you cannot enjoy the features like clip video or audio and reduce microphone noise.


On the contrary, the VideoSolo Screen Recorder full version enables you to record with no time limit. You can enjoy the unique features of VideoSolo Screen Recorder. That is to say, if you want to download long videos, you have to buy its subscription plans.

  • Monthly Plan: $14.95
  • Yearly Plan: $49.95
  • Lifetime license: $69.95

And the above prices do not contain tax. Depending on the policies of each country, you may need to pay additional taxes. Another thing that you should notice is that the monthly plan and yearly plan will have auto-renewal. If you do not want to use VideoSolo Screen Recorder anymore, do not forget to cancel it.

Learn More:

How to Record Videos with VideoSolo Screen Recorder?

The usage of VideoSolo Screen Recorder is not difficult. The initial thing is to make sure that you have installed the VideoSolo Screen Recorder. You can download the latest version of it by going to the official site of VideoSolo.

  • Open the VideoSolo Screen Recorder after installation.
  • Press the Video Recorder icon and choose the recording settings that meet your demand the most.


  • Click the REC button and the recording will start right away.


  • After the recording is down, you can preview it and click the save button, then the videos can be saved on your computer.

Any VideoSolo Screen Recorder Alternative?

Tired of VideoSolo Screen Recorder? KeepStreams Video Downloader can be your best VideoSolo Screen Recorder alternative. Unlike VideoSolo Screen Recorder, KeepStreams Video Downloader supports up to 3 devices if you buy its Lifetime Plan.


Another attractive advantage of KeepStreams is that you can use it to download videos from more than 100 sites, including popular Netflix, Hulu, and Instagram.

And the downloading speed of VideoSolo is faster than that of VideoSolo’s recording. KeepStreams can download many videos at the same time, which can satisfy your need for binge-watching videos.

How Can I Download Videos with KeepStreams?

To begin, download and run KeepStreams.

KeepStreams is available for free for Mac users under the "Free Download" section of the official website. For your convenience, I've included a download link down below.

Secondly, you'll need to fire up KeepStreams and select Apple TV Plus as your premium streaming provider. Access content stored in the cloud by signing in to your Apple TV Plus using your Apple ID and password.

Three, select the episode, the quality of the video, and the language of the subtitles.

The video playback screen has drop-down options where you can select the desired video quality, audio track, and subtitles for your recorded episode.

The fourth step is to get the video onto your computer. The "Download Now" button is available when you are. Check the progress of your download under "Downloading" on the left.

FAQ about VideoSolo Screen Recorder

Is VideoSolo Screen Recorder Safe?

Do not worry about this. VideoSolo Screen Recorder is safe to use. Information provided by you during registration will be used solely for processing your request. And you may receive the newsletter from VideoSolo but that will not contain any risks. In one word, you can trust VideoSolo Screen Recorder.

How to deal with the VideoSolo Screen Recorder crash?

If the VideoSolo Screen Recorder not working, you can try to restart the computer and check whether it restores. If that does not work, you can contact the support team of VideoSolo Screen Recorder by email.

Can I get a refund if I do not receive the registration code after payment?

If you are still unable to obtain the activation code you purchased after trying the "Registration Code Retrieval" and seeking assistance from the support team of VideoSolo Screen Recorder, then you can request a refund from the support team.

Wrapping Up

This VideoSolo Screen Recorder review shows you different aspects of VideoSolo Screen Recorder. You can make a more rational decision after reading this article.

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