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To watch Snow Man & Naniwa Otoko videos on japanese island tv (island tv)

| Idol |
Updated on Sep 20, 2022 | 3 Minutes Reading
Starting January 2022, island tv (Island TV) will create pages for SixTONES, Snow Man, Naniwa Boys, and OTHER. This article shows you how to watch Snow Man & Naniwa Boys videos on island tv.

island tv (island tv) is the official entertainment site of Johnny's Jr. from January 2022, a site created by Hideaki Takizawa, who retired from show business at the end of 2018 and became the president of Johnny's Island Inc. a subsidiary of Johnny's Office, Inc. (Island TV) created pages for SixTONES, Snow Man, Naniwa Boys, and OTHER. This article shows you how to watch Snow Man & Naniwa Boys videos on island tv.

What is japanese island tv (island tv)?

island tv (island tv) provides live video distribution of live performances of Johnny's Jr. belonging to the Johnny's Office, as well as videos taken by the members themselves. This is the first time that the Johnny's Office, which has stayed away from the Internet until now, is streaming live concerts on the Internet.

Islandtv has the meaning of "an island full of smiling faces where fans and Johnny Jr. can strengthen their bonds in their daily lives and watch them grow together.

Contents to be distributed on islandtv (island tv)

Island tv (island tv) is generally divided into three content categories: "Jj Channel" (Jeje Channel), "Jemmy Channel" (Jemmy Channel), and "Special Channel" (Special Channel).

Jj Channel

The Jj Channel has pages for 9 groups: Travis Japan, HiHi Jets, Bishonen, 7 MEN Samurai, Shonen Ninja, Jr.SP, IMPACTors, Lil Kansai, and the Ae! group, and videos of each group are also available. Each group has its own mascot character. You can also see detailed profiles of the members.

Jemmy Channel

Jemmy Channel offers videos of Johnny's Jr. who do not belong to any group. However, videos of Shonen Ninja and Jr. SP are available on Jemmy Channel until March 2020 and IMPACTors until November 2020.

Special Channel.

Special Channel is mainly for live broadcasts of Johnny's Jr. concerts and performances. Most of the material from the beginning of the concert to the middle of the MC is available for 500 yen.

*Note that the Jj Channel and Jemmy Channel can be viewed by non-members, but the Special Channel requires a free membership registration.

How much does ISLAND TV cost?

You can watch a live concert of Johnny's Jr. for 500 yen for a single coin!

In addition, there are other paid contents such as projects by members of Johnny's Jr.

How can I watch Snow Man & Naniwa Otoko videos on island tv (island tv)?

Videos of talents who have graduated from ISLAND TV are available under "ARCHIVED" in the category section of island tv (island tv). as of January 2022, pages have been created for SixTONES, Snow Man, Naniwa Danshi, and OTHER. Group and talent profile pages will be deleted after graduation. Each channel also offers videos introducing current talents and their performances.

chi on Instagram: “・ ・ スノーマン×9guys ・ ・ みんな可愛いけど 自担はとびきり可愛いよね  💜❤️🧡💛💗💚💙🤍🖤 ・ ・ まだソロティザーダメージがすごくて さっくんスクショできてない、、、 ・ ・ ほんっとに どタイプ… |  スノーマン, ラウール, 可愛い

SixTONES and Snow Man, who have been involved in island tv (island tv) since its launch by distributing videos and selling goods, have remained active since their CD debut in January 2020, but in terms of Johnny's Jr. content, they announced their "graduation" in November In terms of the contents of Johnny's Jr.

SINGLE] SixTONES - Kyomei [2022.03.02] [RE]

After their graduation, people have been wondering what happened to the videos of SixTONES and Snow Man. On February 1, an update on the "ISLAND TV" Twitter page announced, "The [Archived] page has been created on the ISLAND TV page, so you can see that SixTONES and Snow Man have graduated, but I hope you will continue to enjoy their past videos on the newly created [Archived] page". In other words, past videos will remain on the [Archived] page.

How can I download videos from island tv?

Island tv offers many videos from "Jj Channel", "Jemmy Channel", and "Special Channel". I am sure that many of you are worried that the videos will be deleted again someday. For this reason, we would like to introduce island tv video download software in this article.

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