Why can't the Audials One 2022 record? Explanation of what to do when you can't record

| Published on Nov 22, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
This article will examine and explain in detail the causes of the Audials One 2022's inability to record and what to do when it cannot record.

Yutube, Netflix, and other businesses that have achieved success in the online video distribution business using streaming technology have continued to emerge in recent years. According to research data, Yutube has achieved a high penetration rate with 333 million monthly active users worldwide and over 70 million in Japan. In 2021, the video distribution market in Japan was worth 715.1 billion yen, growing at 123% compared to the previous year. The video distribution market is expected to continue to grow.

On the other hand, the demand for storing video files from video viewing sites is also growing, and Audials One 2022 is one software that has been developed to take advantage of this trend. However, when using Audials One 2022, it is not always possible to record videos, and many users are troubled by this.

In this article, we will examine and explain in detail the causes of Audials One 2022's inability to record, and what to do when it fails to record.

1. what is Audials One2022?

Audials One2022 is a software program for recording/recording digital content such as videos, videos, and music from viewing sites and saving them to your own PC or mobile device. In addition to this, the software is highly practical with many additional features such as categorizing saved files by category, editing files, and format conversion.

2. If Audials One2022 is unable to record

When recording DRM-protected videos

DRM is an acronym for Digital Rights Management, a system developed to protect the copyrights of digital content by restricting the use and reproduction of digital content. Depending on the nature of the restrictions, four DRM methods are widely used today.

DRM Methods

Application Examples

Copy Restrictions

(CCCD, AACS commonly used for DVDs, etc.)

Restrictions on the number of copies

Copy once, dubbing 10, etc.

Restrictions on the period of time during which a video can be viewed

Specifying the validity period of the video URL

Delivery encryption technology

Technologies commonly used in online video distribution services

and others.

When I record a DRM-protected video on Audials One2022, the screen goes black and recording is disabled. This is because Audials One does not have the functionality to deal with DRM.

  Solution: Switch to another recording software.

    Audials One 2022

Failure to record due to device/internet failure on the user's side or due to the operating environment.

To use Audials One2022, the user must have the appropriate operating environment, such as a compatible device or system.

Also, an Internet connection is essential when using Audials One2022, and it is necessary to check the Internet status beforehand.

 Solution: If you are unable to record videos without a DRM mechanism, check the operating environment of your PC or mobile device, or your Internet connection.


Free trial expires

Audials One2022 is a paid software, but it has a free trial period. The free trial allows you to use Audials One2022 without purchase, but there is a time limit of only 10 minutes of video content to be recorded. After the time limit expires, recording will automatically stop and you will not be able to record.

 Solution: Check the available time period when recording video content with Audials One2022.

3. Alternative software to Audials One2022--KeepStreams Downloader

Audials One2022 has a free trial period, but only a few features are available, and the trial recording time and quality are limited. If you purchase the software with a lack of awareness, you may not like it after all.

In addition, the Audials One2022 software itself is not available for direct download from the Internet and can only be installed by purchasing the boxed package, which is somewhat time-consuming in terms of use.

We recommend KeepStreams, which eliminates these disadvantages and offers updated performance over Audials One2022.

What is KeepStreams Downloader?

KeepStreams downloader is a software that allows you to save digital content from internet sites to your pc or mobile device, compatible with main video delivery services such as Netflix, hulu, and H-next.

It uses the latest technology to analyze the URL of the video M3U8 for safe and comfortable video downloading, and supports all of them with powerful performance, including high quality up to 1080p, super fast download speed, and video data transfer.

Compared to Audials One2022, KeepStreams allows you to download up to 3 full copies of videos in the trial period, and once you have fully tried KeepStreams' features, you will consider purchasing it.

Another advantage is that KeepStreams can be downloaded directly from the website, and there is no need to purchase a package if you have previously done so. You can use the software immediately after downloading it from the Internet, making it easy and hassle-free.

How to use KeepStreams?

Step1 First, visit the KeepStreams website and download KeepStreams.

Step 2 On the main screen of KeepStreams, select the destination of the video you wish to download.

Step3 Find the video title in the search bar.

Step4 Click on the title and go to the settings screen. Select the episode, quality, audio, and subtitles you wish to download, and press the "Download Now" button. The video will then start downloading.


Audials One2022 is a popular software for recording video content distributed on the web. However, sometimes Audials One2022 is unable to record videos from sites, and many people want to find a solution to this problem. In this article, we have provided a solution to the problem of not being able to record along with a description of Audials One2022. please consider using KeepStreams as an alternative that has better performance than Audials One2022.

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