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How to Download Netflix Movies on Mac without Any Restriction?

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Published on Mar 13, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
Do you wonder how to download Netflix movies on Mac? Remember that there is no direct way to download it. Read this guide to explore some secondary methods.

There is no mystery that Netflix has become a new television. Very few people still like to watch the news because most people like to stick with Netflix for a relaxing evening. Do you also love Netflix, but slow internet and buffering irritate you?

You can consider downloading Netflix movies on Mac or Windows, but restrictions on Mac can also be annoying. But don't worry! Read the guide to learn how to download Netflix movies on Mac.

What is Netflix?

It is a well-known leading service offering a huge catalog of TV shows, movies, and original content in different genres. It can be connected through smart TV and can be enjoyed on a smartphone simply.


Whether you love to stream comic movies or are a huge fan of action and thrill, you will surely find lots of titles complimenting your taste. Netflix allows you to save videos for offline streaming, but the duration depends on the provider.

In a short time, Netflix has managed to get exceptional limelight and beneficial features. If you are skeptical about it, you can learn How to Get a free Netflix trial? And check out all the features.

Can I Download Netflix Movies on Mac Directly with Netflix?

Can you download Netflix movies on Mac is a common question asked by iOS and Mac users. Unfortunately, there is no actual Netflix application that you can download for MacOS. To stream Netflix on the Mac, you have to use a Web browser.

Safari is a web browser developed by Mac. It provides support for a high-quality Netflix streaming experience, but still, it does not allow offline playback of Netflix content. It implies you cannot download Netflix shows and movies from offline streaming.

How to Download Netflix Movies on Mac?

NetFlix on Mac

Due to no supporting application, people usually ask can you download Netflix movies on Mac? If you want to know the direct way, possibly you cannot find anyone. However, there are several other ways you can download movies from Netflix on mac.

Method 1: Utilize QuickTime Player

Before getting hands with any complex application and software, it is better to look closer at the solution. Netflix has already developed an application for many different Apple devices. You can download the content on these devices and transfer it to the Mac with the help of QuickTime Player.

It is a digital media playback tool that comes with the MacOS. It can adapt and play all sorts of video formats. Moreover, this application is also used to capture, share and record movies and music. However, it is still tricky for some people to operate it. To make the process convenient for you, we have demonstrated these necessary steps. So, let's walk through them.

  1. Connect your Mac to the iPhone with the help of a USB cable and launch the QuickTime Player on the Laptop.

Utilize QuickTime Player

  1. Click on the "File" option appearing on the bar at the top of the screen and select "New Movie Recording."
  2. Now navigate to the control panel and select the arrow icon present next to the recording button. Then instruct the application to stream movies on the iPhone. For this purpose, you must select "iPhone" under "Microphone and Camera."
  3. Open Netflix on your mobile phone and select the movie you want to stream. Then you need to click on the Record button from the QuickTime Player and play it. Now the selected title will start playing on the mac through the application.
  4. As the movie ends, you can click the record button to end the recording. Finally, click on the file in the corner and save it.

Technically, you have downloaded the movie on the Mac. However, it is possible that the quality may not match the original video.

Method 2: Stream from an iPad or iPhone

Yes! It is possible you can stream a movie or TV show on your Mac through iPhone or iPad with the help of AirPlay. It is a sort of API developed and owned by Apple. It allows media streaming between different devices.

The best thing about this software is that it allows streaming audio and video from your iOS device to other supported devices such as Mac or wireless TV. You just need a strong WiFi connection. If you are not sure about the streaming process, here are some simple steps to guide you to the right path.

  1. Make sure your devices are connected to a high-speed internet connection.


  1. Start the AirPlay application on your iOS device and select "Screen Mirroring."
  2. Now tap on the Mac from the AirPlay menu and open Netflix on your iOS device. Then open the movie you want to play.
  3. Finally, click on the “Play.” Now the movie will start playing on your Mac.

Actually, this method does not allow you to download the content to your device, but it is a useful workaround for different viewers.

Ultimate Method: Why Should You Choose KeepStreams?

All the above-mentioned methods are like secondary solutions. They allow you to Netflix content streaming but hinder the quality, and these are complex methods. To avoid complex and hassle-free processes, we suggest you get a hand on a worthy downloader such as KeepStreams for Netflix .


It is a breakthrough for Mac users as the KeepStreams Mac version opens the door to thousands of websites on Mac. You can download content not only from Netflix but also from many different websites with DRM and any other restrictions.

Exclusive Features of KeepStreams Netflix Downloader

Here are some notable features of KeepStreams that make it stand out among others:

High-Quality Output

Unlike typical screen recorders, the KeepStreams download the movies. As no screen recording is involved throughout the process, you can expect excellent-quality output. You can download a movie in up to 1080p.

Unlimited Download

Netflix allows limited downloads per month or year. However, KeepStreams enables unlimited downloads. You can download as many videos as you want.

Download Shows with Various Audio Tracks

The KeepStreams Netflix video downloader allows audiophiles to download different audio tracks integrated with the video without disturbing the quality.

How to Download Shows from Netflix on Mac with KeepStreams?

Unlike other applications and software, KeepStreams is a simple tool. Refer to the following steps to download Netflix content on Mac conveniently.

  1. Connect the Mac with high-speed internet and download the Mac version of KeepStreams.
  2. Launch the application and navigate to VIP services.
  3. Scroll down and find Netflix. Select it and log into the account.
  4. Locate the video and set output options.
  5. Finally, hit the download button to complete the process.

Now you know how to download content on Mac, but if you wonder about other devices, give Introducing seven selected Netflix downloading software at a glance a quick read.


To conclude, there is no direct way to download Netflix content on Mac. Still, if you want to download Netflix movies on the mac, you can follow secondary methods, but they hinder the quality. Therefore, instead of relying on this application, try the best video downloader.

Yes! We are talking about KeepStreams Netflix downloader, which allows you to download unlimited videos in high quality. The most appreciable aspect of this software is that you can download high-quality content without breaking the bank.

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