Can I download videos from TELASA?

| Published on Jun 15, 2022| 5 Minutes Reading
This article will detail the seven programs that are worth watching on Teresa 2022 and how to download them.

TELASA is a distribution service operated by KDDI and TV Asahi. It features unlimited access to a wide range of TV Asahi productions, popular animations, movies, and exclusive content. 2022 What kind of programs can you stand to watch on TELASA? What films are available for download?

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7 Recommendations for 2022 TELASA Movies to Watch

No. 1 My cuteness is about to expire!

Ryosuke Yamada makes his first appearance on Oshidora Saturday in full bloom with his mock cuteness! His "first" attempt at a real romantic comedy! He and the heroine, Kyoko Yoshine, make a powerful tag team!

No. 2 The Housekeeper's Mita Zono (2022)

Kaoru Mitazono (a.k.a. Mr. Mitazono), a large, female-dressed housekeeper, peeks into the inner workings of the homes and families to which he is sent and cleans out the "deep-seated dirt" that lies dormant there.

No. 3 "10 Count to the Future

The story centers on Shogo Kirisawa (Takuya Kimura), a young man who has lost all hope for life, and depicts a "coming-of-age drama that transcends generations.

No. 4 Keishicho: Investigation Section Chief season 6

Starring Takeshi Naito! The best mystery series is celebrating its 10th anniversary! In this milestone memorial year, a new cast member who is a major part of the Ichijo team joins the series! The story reflects the reality of Tokyo in 2022!

No. 5 "Blade of Demon's Destruction" Yuukaku-hen

The Yugaku version depicts the next mission of Sumijiro and his team after they finish their mission on the Infinity Train. Sumijiro and his team head for a brothel where demons dwell, together with Uzumi Tengen, one of the highest ranking "Pillar" swordsmen in the Oni-killer Squad and an Oto Pillar. A new battle begins.


It is a time when countries around the world are engaged in a fierce information war behind the scenes. Twilight", a brilliant spy belonging to "WISE", the West's Intelligence Bureau's East Division, is a dangerous figure who threatens the peace between East and West....

No. 7 Yokai Share House -The monster that came back!

A unique horror comedy about Mio Meguro, a timid girl whose only virtue was her ability to read the air, who is picked up by the yokai living in a share house just as she is falling to the bottom of the heap, and who grows up.

Can I download and play the movie on Teresa?

Yes, you can. To download a movie from Teresa, follow the instructions below.


Press the "Download" button displayed on the work detail page.
Movies that are not displayed cannot be downloaded.

On which devices can I download videos?

You can use Android smartphones, Android tablets, iPhones, and iPads.
Please note that you can only download movies that are eligible for downloading.

Due to the nature of the service, paid live streaming videos cannot be downloaded. Please enjoy streaming playback within the specified viewing date and time and viewing period.

Is there any way to download Teresa videos to my PC?

We recommend KeepStreams, a software to download Teresa videos in MP4 format, KeepStreams is a video downloader that supports over 200 vods such as Netflix, Disney+, U-NEXT, and more. Not only that, you can also easily download videos from Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites through KeepStreams. With such a powerful yet convenient app, downloading videos from Teresa will be a piece of cake.

>> KeepStreams

KeepStreams will be a download tool specialized for downloading Teresa. You can download videos with the video content unguarded.

How to download videos from Teresa

Let's explain the steps to download videos from Teresa with KeepStreams, with images.

STEP1 Download the application on the official website of KeepStreams.

> > Official website of KeepStreams

Incidentally, there is also a Mac-only version; KeepStreams supports a wide variety of devices.

STEP2 Find the video you want to download on TELASA's official website. Click "Play" to jump to the viewing page.

STEP3 Also, copy the URL of this video.

Click on the video you want to download and enter this video page, and a pop-up window will appear.

STEP4 Paste the copied URL in KeepStreams to download.

STEP5 Click Download and the video will begin downloading.


Teresa has a wide variety of content in a wide variety of genres. If there is a work you like, you can download it to your computer, and if you prefer to watch it offline easily, you can use the above KeepStreams to use the above-mentioned service. You can download videos in MP4/MKV without any quality degradation.

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