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How to download movies and dramas from Lemino with DRM removed

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Published on May 19, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
Lemino's download function has DRM restrictions, making offline viewing inconvenient. This article introduces how to remove DRM on Lemino so that you can freely download and enjoy movies and dramas.

Have you ever wanted to download a movie or drama you are interested in from Lemino, a video streaming service? However, Lemino's official download function has various limitations, making offline viewing very inconvenient. In order to download completely, DRM removal is required when downloading.

In this article, we will show you how to remove DRM in video downloading with Lemino. With a few simple steps, you can remove DRM and download and enjoy your favorite movies and dramas freely.

What kind of distribution service is Lemino?

Lemino is a new paid streaming service operated by NTT DOCOMO, a major company in Japan, taking over from dTV. The new service is operated by dTV and is a feature-rich SVOD service.

Lemino offers unlimited viewing as well as pay-per-view and other pay-per-view services.

What are the limitations of Lemino's official download feature?

For those who are uncomfortable with Wi-Fi environments, network communications, and telecommunications data, whether or not Lemino supports video downloads is an important question. Fortunately, Lemino includes a video download feature that allows you to freely watch your favorite movies offline. However, there are some limitations when using the official download feature.

Downloaded works cannot be played for any length of time.

You must register for Lemino Premium before downloading. Downloaded content will not play forever. It cannot be played in the following cases

  • If a movie is no longer available on Lemino, you will not be able to play it even if you download it.
  • If it is a rental movie, you will not be able to watch it after the viewing period has expired.
  • If you cancel Lemino Premium, you will not be able to watch the downloaded content.

Not all devices can use the download feature.

Lemino supports a variety of devices for use, but not all devices can use the download function. The followingdevices support Lemino'sdownload function.

  1. Android smartphones and tablets
  2. iPhone and iPad (including mini)

In other words, like many distribution services, Lemino does not support downloading on Lemino PCs.

There are limitations on the works that can be downloaded.

You cannot download all works distributed on Lemino. Please check if you can download before downloading content.

There is no limit to the number of individually charged works that can be downloaded, but for unlimited viewing, you can download up to 25 works.

Communication occurs even when downloading and playing.

When playing back a downloaded movie on Lemino, communication is supposed to occur in order to check the membership status of Premium. In other words, when the communication environment is bad, or when communication data is insufficient, you may not be able to play the downloaded video.

How to download movies and dramas from Lemino with DRM removed?

There are various limitations when using Lemino's official download function, so below we will show you how to completely download videos from Lemino with DRM removed and watch them "anytime, anywhere", downloading with the super convenient KeepStreams.

What is KeepStreams Downloader?

KeepStreams downloader is a feature-rich downloader that allows you to download videos with DRM removed from over 70 paid streaming services, including Lemino, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, FANZA, and more. Not only videos, you can also download songs from Spotify, Amazon Music, and other music subscription services.

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How to Download Videos from Lemino with KeepStreams

STEP1 First, download videos from Lemino using the " KeepStreams Downloader and install "KeepStreams Downloader".

Go to the link above and download any OS version (there is also a Mac version) ( choose the free download first). After installation is complete, click "Start Now. Before downloading, check the operating environment for KeepStreams.

Operating Environment of KeepStreams

  • Windows 7/8/8.1/8.1/10/11 or macOS Catalina/Big Sur/Monterey
  • 4GB RAM or more
  • 40GB free hard disk space
  • Internet connection required

Once the top screen appears, installation is complete. There is almost nothing to get lost.

STEP2 Visit Lemino using the built-in browser

When the KeepStreams top page opens, enter the official Lemino website URL in the search box of the built-in browser to access it directly, without the need for an external browser.

STEP3 Select the movie, drama, or variety show you want to download

After "logging in" by entering your d-account in use, search for the video you wish to download. When the video is played, analysis of the video URL will begin.

STEP4 Configure download settings.

After the video has been analyzed, you will be able to set the download settings for the video.Select the episodes you wish to download on the screen as shown below, and then select your desired bit rate, video codec, resolution, audio, voice-over and subtitles, etc.can be set freely.

Select "Add to queue" to download the video along with other videos at a later time. Select "Download Now" to start downloading immediately.

STEP5 You can check the "Download" section for videos that are ready to be downloaded.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the DRM technology used in Lemino?

Like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, and other major video distribution services, Lemino uses DRM technology to prevent unauthorized copying and screen recording. To do so, you must first remove the DRM. For this purpose, we recommend the powerful and highly functional KeepStreams downloader software.

Does KeepStreams Downloader have a free trial?

To download videos from Lemino with KeepStreams Downloader, we offer a free trial that allows you to download 3 videos. We encourage you to try it for free to see if it has the features you want. You can then purchase the software after confirming its functionality and ease of use.

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Windows 7/8/8.1/8.1/10/11 or macOS Catalina/Big Sur/Monterey
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Jessie Smith
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