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Musify Music Downloader Review: Know If It's Worth Your Time

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Published on May 04, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
Want to enjoy Spotify songs offline? Use Musify music downloader and access music from your desired platforms offline in your required format.

In our daily lives, Music is essential. Spotify is one of the first services that comes to mind when we enjoy Music. This app has numerous songs, Music, podcasts, and albums. Unfortunately, this app does not support offline music streaming. Instead, the application only lets premium users download songs, which is restricted to having the playlists on the desktop. You can also read about Ondesoft Spotify Converter Review here.

To help you with this issue, we have brought Musify Music Downloader, a popular tool for converting and downloading multiple music formats. In this post, we'll give you a thorough analysis of Musify's features, pricing structure, and Musify music downloader review so you can decide whether Musify is even a good investment at the price it's asking.

Know The Basics of Musify Music Downloader

Musify Music downloader is a helpful software built by itubego that enables users to download their desired Spotify music in their preferred format. It also assures that your song will be downloaded in its original audio quality, which allures many users. Apart from Spotify, it is compatible with many other different music formats.


You can also convert your Music to various audible formats. It preserves the ID3 tag information. Hence a one-stop solution to access Music and those playlists which even premium users cannot download. Let's learn the key features of Musify music downloader Spotify below.

Best Features

  • User interactive tool equipped with a simple interface.
  • You can download Music from 1000+ websites.
  • Enables downloading of Spotify playlists and albums
  • Support for 10x faster, high-quality MP3 320kbps downloads
  • Spotify Music can be converted to MP3, M4A, FLAC, and other formats.
  • Downloads the lyrics automatically and adds ID3 tags to every file to ensure they are complete.
  • Works on Windows and Mac OS

Price Structure

Depending on your device, the price of musify music downloader Spotify varies.


Monthly Plan

Yearly Plan

Family Plan

Lifetime Plan











How to Use Musify to Download Songs?

You must purchase the paid version of Musify music downloader Spotify to use its premium features. Users cannot use all the features of the free version, but depending on your PC's operating system, you can download the Musify software for free from the company's website.

To ensure you get all your musical entertainment, here is how to download songs and podcasts using a Musify music downloader Spotify.

Step 1: Access Spotify or any other preferred music streaming platform. Look for the songs or playlists you require to download. Then, copy the song URL and paste it into the browser's address bar.

Step 2: Open the musify music downloader and navigate to the Preferences tab. You can choose your preferred audio quality and output format here, which is mp3. In this section, you can modify additional download settings.

Step 3: Tap the 'Paste' URL symbol on your interface and let the download procedure start automatically.

Step 4: After completing the download process, go to your device's downloaded segment or pre-determined place to look for your Spotify playlist or songs.

Musify Music Downloader Review: Is it worth it?

The Musify music downloader spotify is the most popular tool for converting Music into your desired format, but it could be better. For example, you might wonder why some users look for its alternative after reading its short description and features. To elaborate, we reviewed Musify music downloader after pointing out its pros and cons.


  • Supports a variety of websites, such as Bandcamp, SoundCloud, and YouTube.
  • Incredible and sublime features at prices that are lower than those of most competing software programs.
  • Lossless audio files can be downloaded from Musify fastest while maintaining original audio quality.


  • The only drawback we can identify is that it is paid software for those unwilling to pay for it.
  • Not very reliable.

Best Alternative of Musify Music Downloader: KeepStreams Spotify Converter

On Windows & Mac computers, KeepStreams Spotify Converter is a top-notch Spotify converter. It can easily convert over 100 million songs and 5 million podcast episodes from Spotify to MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC formats for offline playback on any device. Get insights into Drmare Spotify Music Converter Review here.

You can download songs from the platform of your choice using KeepStreams, allowing you to listen to them whenever you need. In addition to Spotify, it seamlessly integrates with other streaming services like Netflix, Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, among others. This device is multitasking.


It handles downloading speed and output selection based on user preferences, making it appropriate for users to download and convert video. Additionally, it recognizes the value of quality, ensuring that the video you download with KeepStreams will be of the highest caliber.

Features and Benefits

  • Get Spotify Premium Lossless Music Downloads
  • The output format can be modified.
  • Audiobooks, Playlists, Albums, and Songs from Spotify can be downloaded.
  • Stream Podcasts on Spotify without Ads
  • ID3 tags and metadata information are available for download.
  • When new Music is added to a subscribed playlist, KeepStreams makes it easier for the download to happen automatically. (TBS)
  • You can quickly download all the songs you want with KeepStreams by adding them to a task queue.
  • Not only the Music but also the lyrics can be downloaded using KeepStreams.

Downloading Steps

Step 1: Launch KeepStreams and sign into Spotify.

Open KeepStreams, choose Music> Spotify and sign into Spotify.

Step 2: Locate the Music and adjust its output.

Look up and listen to the Music you want to download before examining the format and quality.

Step 3: Download your favorite Spotify songs.

Click Add to Queue or Download Now to download the Music immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Musify Music downloader safe?

It's safe and legal to use Musify music downloader.

Is Musify music downloader offline free?

Unlike that more well-known company, you can download your playlists on Musify even if you are a free user. With over 50 million songs in its library, the offline music app is accessible on iOS and Android devices, providing a wide range of options for listeners of all musical tastes.

Who owns Musify?

David Liu founded Musify, the Japan-based Music streaming service.


Spotify song downloads used to be a hassle, but now that you know everything there is to know about Musify music downloader, a product by itubego, you can use it to get any song you want with its incredible features and quick download times.

You can even download Music in batches. If you are overwhelmed by its errors, we recommend KeepStreams Spotify Converter, the best substitute to eliminate the errors of Musify music downloaders immediately. We have given all the information about this fantastic alternative to resolve your mind.

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