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Everything You Need to Know About Renting a Movie on Amazon

| Prime Video |
Updated on Feb 28, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading
This article describes everything you need to know in simple and basic words, which will help you grasp the technicalities in a much better way. So let’s get into it.

Amazon Prime, a branch of Amazon, is the talk of the town these days because of its additional services in a paid subscription plan to its users, which may not be commonly available to everyone else. It has expanded internationally by providing its excellent services to 22 countries globally, acquiring a customer base of almost 200 million. That is huge!

Some Amazon Prime offerings may include speedy delivery of your desired goods within a day or two. It also lets you access exclusive ebooks, games, movies, and shows for online streaming. But did you know that you can conveniently get these movies on rent at Amazon Prime?

If you didn’t, this article is written for you! We will describe the ways of renting a movie, its advantages, as well as some of the significant limitations that you ought to keep in mind.

Everything You Need to Know About Renting a Movie on Amazon

This article describes everything you need to know in simple and basic words, which will help you grasp the technicalities in a much better way. So let’s get into it.

How Does the Amazon Rental System Work?

The rental system of Amazon does not consist of any rocket science. It works in the same way as other online streaming platforms. Once you have made the payment for Amazon Prime, you can easily access various movies and shows on rent, but the fact that you can only watch the rented film within 2-7 days makes it quite expensive for the cost paid. It is by far the only downside of the Amazon Prime platform that we have observed.

If you think that only Amazon Prime members can avail the offer of renting movies, then you may be wrong. Even regular Amazon customers can conveniently rent their favorite movies and watch those on compatible devices like smartphones, laptops, desktops, and television sets.

How Much Do Movie Rentals Cost on Amazon?

The pieces of Movie rentals on Amazon Prime may vary according to the quality of audio and video that a film possesses. It also depends upon the newness of the film and its overall popularity. Usually, it is seen that most of the movies are rented out for $19 to $24. Moreover, these movies are not only available for rental purposes but can also be purchased.

What Is the Process of Renting Movies on Amazon?

Some people dread even the thought of it without looking into the actual process of renting movies on Amazon. The whole process is so simple and straightforward that it will take you 5-10 minutes at max to get your job done. So carefully read the steps written below to have a much clearer idea.

Step 1: If you are using your smartphone, log in to your Amazon Prime application. Similarly, if you are using a desktop, you will have to log in to the official Amazon Prime website.

Step 2: Once you do that, You will have to select the movie you wish to rent. It would be best if you looked into the pricing of the film because it is usually done according to the quality of video and audio it possesses. So if you are okay with a low-quality video, you may get a rental movie at a much lower price.

Step 3: Place the order, confirm it, and press “continue.” As soon as you do that, you will be charged the required amount from your bank account. Sometimes you may rent a movie impulsively or accidentally; during such circumstances, you always have the option to make things right by “canceling the order” and then placing a new one.

Step 4: You will find the rented movies in the “My stuff” section of the Amazon Prime application. So all you need to do to satisfy your binge-watching cravings is to press the “watch now” button, and you’re all set!

What Are Some of the Limitations of the Amazon Prime Rental System?

We know that everything comes with a cost; similarly, Amazon Prime may seem like providing you with numerous features, some factors may appear as drawbacks to most users. One of which is the Amazon Prime movie rental time. The time window to watch a rented movie is so short, varying between 2-7 days depending upon the quality, popularity, and newness of the movie.

Sometimes you also have to wait numerous weeks and months to gain access to a movie, but as soon as you press the play button, the expiration timer starts ruining the whole moment for you. So if you are thinking of renting a movie from Amazon Prime, think through these factors.

We would suggest going for a much better option, also offered by Amazon Prime, to purchase a particular movie and watch it as many times as you would like.

How Many Times Can You Watch a Rented Movie on Amazon Prime?

You can watch the rental movie on Amazon Prime as many times as possible but within the time limit of rent days i-e 2-7, depending on the type of movie. If this sounds a bit frustrating to you, there is always an option of renewing the rent or even purchasing the film for an infinite period.

How Can You Download Your Favorite Movie from Amazon Prime for Offline Viewing in the Application?

If you have a terrible internet connection that stops working out of nowhere at any time, then you should look into the possibility of offline downloading your favorite content, that too directly in the Amazon Prime application. You need to follow some simple steps.

Step 1: On your smartphone, download and launch the Amazon Prime official application. Log in to your account using your credentials.

Step 2: You will see the “My stuff” section containing all your “favorites.” Right next to the movie, a menu will pop up. Click on “Download” to save the movie for offline viewing.

Are There Any Better Alternatives for Renting a Movie on Amazon?

Are you looking for some better and cheaper alternatives to satisfy your movie cravings? This section of the article is meant for you. According to our research, the best alternative instead of renting a movie is to download it using an Offline video downloader tool or software.

What it will do is, keep your Content saved for an infinite time moreover and will let you watch your favorite movies and shows anywhere you want without connecting to a stable and secure Internet connection. An offline video downloader will act as a savior during non-responding to online streaming websites or Internet crashes all over the globe.

If you are looking for a screen recorder to save some short clips from your favorite movies on Amazon Prime, then we have the perfect link for you to check out: How to Screen Record Amazon Prime Video Offline?

One of the best offline video Downloaders that we will suggest in this section is KeepStreams for Amazon Prime. Now let us get into some distinctive features of this fantastic tool and its convenient method of use.

KeepStreams for Amazon Prime Video

KeepStreams for Amazon Prime Video is the best one out there with its affiliation with Amazon Prime and many others, including Hulu, Netflix, Disney plus, Paramount, CW, HBO Max, Youtube, Funimation, etc.

The ease that this downloader provides is pretty much convincing for most of the people prompting them to install it. Even if it isn’t, we have tried our best to enlist some of the features you will have with KeepStreams for Amazon Prime downloader, along with an easy step-by-step guide on how to use it.


KeepStreams for Amazon Prime downloader is undoubtedly the perfect must-have for you if you are a movie lover.

  • The Easy to use application has made KeepStreams for Amazon Prime downloader a perfect tool for a wide variety of audiences. It is designed to achieve the idea of a more straightforward yet efficient interface.
  • With KeepStreams for Amazon Prime downloader, you save yourself from copying and pasting URLs/ links from one website to another with its unique built-in browser.
  • With this one-of-a-kind offline downloader, you are guaranteed impeccable and premium quality downloads concerning both audio and video, providing you with a crystal clear theatrical experience.
  • MP4 formatted files are usually compatible and easily transferable with many devices; that is why KeepStreams for Amazon Prime downloader ensures downloading your favorite content in an MP4 format.
  • How can we forget the ad-free version of all your favorite content, only possible with KeepStreams for Amazon Prime downloaders. It removes all unnecessary distractions of advertisements and annoying popups, making your binge-watching experience worthy.
  • With KeepStreams for Amazon Prime downloader, you can now download movies and playlists of series, all at a Turbo downloading speed.
  • KeepStreams for Amazon Prime downloader lets you watch and download your favorite content simultaneously.


We are pretty sure that this article has been helpful for all the movie lovers out there who are looking for new ways to access their favorite content on online streaming platforms.

Similarly, Amazon Prime offers you a movie rental service that you can use the steps mentioned above in the article.

Moreover, we have described one of the best offline video downloaders currently in the market, that is, KeepStreams for Amazon Prime Video, saving you a lot of time and energy with its unique features.

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