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How to Get an Allavsoft License Key? Is It Worth It?

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Published on Mar 31, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
Do you find Allavsoft's operation tricky and looking for the Allavsoft license key? You are in the right place. Read on to learn how to get and use this license key.

Allavsoft is a dedicated platform expected to be a professional video downloader and converter. It can help in downloading and converting different media files to any audio and video format.

However, this software is open to use for free. You need an Allavsoft license key to activate it and save as many videos as you want to stream without the internet. Read this guide to know more about it. In case you find it unsuitable, you will also come across better alternatives such as KeepStreams. So, let’s explore!

What Does Allavsoft Offer?

It is a powerful and functional audio and video downloading software that connects you to hundreds of media platforms and websites. Allavsoft lets you download originally sourced audio and videos with subtitles and music files.

Anyhow, like other downloader license keys such as FreeGrabApp License Key, you must pay some fee to get the Allavsoft license key. Anyhow it is easy to get and use this platform, but before that, you should be certain that it is suitable. Here are some features that can back your decision.

Batch Download

Allavsoft has some exceptional features that make it the best software. Do you want to download an entire season with one click? Allavsoft license has got you covered. You can select all titles of the show from Vimeo, Udemy, Facebook, or any other streaming platform. With Allavsoft Spotify, you can also download unlimited songs for offline streaming.

The most appreciable feature of this software is that while downloading the content from the website, it automatically detects the advertisement and does not save them.

Built-in Converter

Allavsoft is not a simple video downloader. It is a complete package that allows you to convert and save videos in different formats, for example, AVI, WMV, MMS, and many more. The users can also save music and other audio from Spotify, Tidal, etc., and convert them into MP3, FLAC, OPUS, and others. The addition of a built-in video player in Allavsoft helps in the preview and playback of the downloaded files.

Audio Editor

Audio Editor

If you want to edit the audio of downloaded music etcAllavsoft can help you do it. With this software, you can extract the background music and download it in the form of WMA, WAV, AAC, etc.

Start or Stop Option

It is a rare feature to spot in video downloaders. If you have to stop downloading due to any reason, or you want to restart or shut down the laptop, you can simply pause it and resume it whenever you want. This is an exceptional feature you get with the Allavsoft for Mac or Windows.

Screen Recorder

Do you want to download a certain clip instead of the whole movie? Allavsoft screen recorder has you covered. You can move to a particular clip and start recording. When the scene has ended, you can turn it off and download the clip in any format.

Screen recording hinders the quality sometimes, but it entirely depends on the quality of video playing on your screen. To ensure crystal clear picture, make sure to have strong internet connection and

How Much Does Allavsoft Registration Key Cost?

Allavsoft is an affordable platform that offers a free trial to test the features. Anyhow the free trial is restrictive. It enables you to download no more than five videos. Moreover, you will also face limitations on video editing features.

You need to get the Allavsoft license name and license code to get access to full features. The Allavsoft license key cost around $19.99. It is a one-time payment, so it is a fair price for a video downloader, converter, and editor.

The Allavsoft license code gives access to all features. It allows unlimited downloads, video conversion, screen recording, and editing features. However, to get the feel of the software, make sure to test it through the free trial option.

How to Use the Allavsoft License Code?

If you are determined that the Allavsoft license key is what you want, you should also learn to use it. For this purpose, follow the below guideline to learn to use the Allavsoft license key.

  1. Navigate to the official site of Allavsoft and hit the download button.
  2. Complete installation and launch it. Subscribe for a premium plan.
  3. After paying the fee, you will get the Allavsoft license key in your email.
  4. Enter it into the box appearing in the software to activate.

In case you have lost the license key, contact the Support Team. The team will investigate and find the key and will surely resend it to the same email address.

Limitations of Allavsoft License Key

The Allavsoft license gives access to all features but online on one device. If you want to enjoy the features on more than one device, you need to pay more fees which makes it an expensive platform.

The free version of Allavsoft has too many restrictions, which makes the trial unacceptable and fruitful. These limitations become the hurdle in the way to downloading at least one season. If you want to use this application on your smartphone, the Allavsoft license cannot help you anyway.

The Best Allavsoft Alternative: KeepStreams Video Downloader

To avoid paying a good sum of money, consider better alternatives such as KeepStreams. It is one of the best video downloaders designed for both Windows and Mac which is equipped with a wide range of useful features.

KeepStreams Video Downloader
Keep Your Netflix Movies, TVs and Shows Offline with FlixPal in 1080p.
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Features of KeepStreams

There are some worth appreciating features of KeepStreams:

High-Definition Download

Unlike traditional downloaders, KeepStreams is known for its quality maintenance aspect. You can expect high quality as KeepStreams has the ability to download videos up to 1080p.

Remove DRM Protection

Sometimes the content is not available in some regions. If you like movies from other countries but are unavailable in your country, KeepStreams will help you stream them. KeepStreams remove DRM restrictions and make the content available anywhere.

Remove Advertisements

Irritating advertisements are a common issue in online streaming. Unfortunately, when you download a movie to avoid it, they download it. However, you can filter out these ads with KeepStreams. It is advanced software that automatically detects unnecessary video and removes it to ensure a seamless experience.

Step-by-Step Guide to Download Videos with KeepStreams

Refer to the following steps to download content using KeepStreams:

  1. Navigate to the official website of KeepStreams and download it. Complete installation and launch it.
  2. Move to VIP services to select a streaming platform or search for the video through a built-in browser.
  3. Select the video and customize our options, such as quality and format.
  4. Finally, hit the "Download" button to complete the process.


Allavsoft is a well-known application used worldwide to download favorite shows and movies. However, people are constantly losing interest in the Allavsoft license key due to high fees and often bugs appearing. If you are also looking for a better alternative, try out KeepStreams.

KeepStreams Video Downloader is a powerful tool for saving high-quality videos from thousands of websites. It also allows batch downloading, so you do not have to wait to put the next video on downloading.

Jessie Smith
Jessie Smith
If you are interested in what KeepStreams can save, movie should come first for one of its best features.

KeepStreams support most OTT platforms and movie streaming services, we offer great service to maintain the integrity of our brand experience.

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