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Download Movies from Netflix with KeepStreams!
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What Happened to

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Updated on Feb 28, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading
In this article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about, where you can find the old downloader, and more.

Streaming your favorite movies and shows is extremely easy and convenient. All you need is an account on a streaming platform, and an active internet connection to watch your desired episodes and movies.

But, downloading your favorite content for offline viewing is even better, as you will be able to watch all those movies and shows totally offline.

Now, if we talk about downloading videos, we think of Don’t know what is? Well, don’t worry. In this article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about, where you can find the old downloader, and more.

What Is is downloading software that helps users download their chosen videos for offline viewing.

Not only can users download their all-time favorite videos from their preferred streaming platforms or websites, but can also download their favorite videos in HD resolution, for an even more enhanced viewing experience offline.

With the Keepvid Mp3 converter, users can easily convert their required videos into an MP3 file format, so that they can listen to all their favorite music videos without any need for the internet.

Keepvid also allows users to convert their videos and audios, as well as edit videos, and compress videos, depending on their preferences, online. itself is a website that was exclusively designed and developed to provide free video downloading. And the best part is, it is safe for both PC and Mac. But, users are mostly required for Java installation, which comes in the form of pop-ups and can remind users of malware or viruses.

Is Down?

Wondering whether is down? Well, let us tell you that it most certainly is.

Currently, Keepvid has discontinued all its downloading features, which means users can no longer use this software for downloading their desired videos for offline viewing.

This also includes the Keepvid Pro version. Instead of allowing users to download videos, the Keepvid website now provides tips for video download solutions instead of a downloading video site.

Keepvid had suddenly announced its shutdown, after which numerous users were confused about what was really happening. After some speculations, Keepvid finally posted on their Facebook page that they will no longer provide video/audio downloading features to its users. Instead, they will develop better video and audio tools in the future.

Since then, Keepvid has not revealed much about the website, including why they closed the downloading service.

Where Can I Find the Old Downloader?

The good news is, has now transferred to

With KeepStreams, you will be able to download all your favorite videos in High Definition quality, as well as in MP4 format.

In conclusion, is part of an official KeepStreams platform, which means you can now enjoy added features and benefits along with the old ones. How awesome is that!

Everything You Need to Know About the KeepStreams Downloader

As discussed above, you can find all the features that were once part of the Keepvid platform on KeepStreams (they have hundreds of other additional features as well).

What is KeepStreams?

KeepStreams Video Downloader is an amazing third-party downloading software that will help you download literally any video you wish to download from any website and streaming platform you can think of. We’re talking about OTT streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, Apple Plus, Peacock TV, Tubi, and many more.

With KeepStreams Video Downloader, you will never have to look for any other downloader to suit your unique downloading needs, as this single downloader is your ultimate all-in-one solution.

Whether you’re willing to download your favorite movies, shows, Anime, documentaries, films, episodes, entire seasons, and so on, KeepStreams Video Downloader will download all of them for you in no time.

Wait, there’s more…

With KeepStreams, you will also be able to download live streaming services like Twitch and ESPN Plus!

This means you can watch all your favorite content anywhere, anytime. And, you will never have to worry about the internet anymore.

So, let’s quickly dive into the features of KeepStreams…

Features of KeepStreams

● Easy to use with simple UI

● Download from most OTT platforms, websites, social media websites, live games, and TV channels

● Batch Mode Feature for bulk downloading

● Fast downloading speed

● Download any video-on-demand from different streaming platforms and social media sites

● Free download

● Ad-free videos

● Numerous compatible file formats to choose from

● Safe and secure to use

How to Use KeepStreams?

1. Download and install KeepStreams

2. Launch software

3. Go to any website or streaming platform you want to download your videos from, and select that video

5. Press Download

While KeepStreams is a perfect solution for all your binge-watching needs, why limit yourself to just one option when you can also benefit from a few more. If you love choices just as we do, you can’t miss out on reading the next section…

Can I Screen Record Videos for Offline Viewing?

Wondering if you could screen record videos for offline viewing? Well, you most certainly can.

Screen Recording is another great way of recording and then downloading and saving all your desired videos in high quality. This way, you will have all your chosen movies, TV shows, series, and so on, downloaded to your preferred devices, for offline viewing.

We have listed some ways you can screen record your favorite shows and movies from several different OTT streaming platforms:


Netflix is a major streaming service platform, having a large plethora of content available for streaming. You will find one of the best movies, shows, episodes, series, documentaries, kids’ content, and much more for streaming. Not only this, there are award-winning, blockbuster, as well as popular Netflix Originals and exclusive content that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Netflix has its own downloading feature, which is surely easy and convenient to use. With this built-in feature, you will be able to download all the shows and movies for offline viewing. But, with this feature comes numerous cons. Firstly, you are only allowed to download a small number of shows and movies from Netflix, and your downloads are never permanent.

So, why not screen-record your favorite videos from Netflix? This way, you will have no limitations or restrictions on what you can download, and all your downloads will be permanent.

Want to know more about How to Screen Record Netflix Offline? Read all about it here - How to Screen Record Netflix Offline?


Hulu is another great streaming platform that has a variety of content available for streaming. You are going to find endless movies, shows, mega-hit, and blockbuster content, as well as numerous kids’ content dedicated especially for kids.

Screen recording all this amazing content means you can easily access them and watch them even if you don’t have the internet. It doesn’t matter where you are- whether you’re traveling, on the go, or even in your backyard where internet signals aren’t so strong, you can easily watch all your favorite movies from Hulu, and catch up on your favorite shows, when you’ve screen recorded them.

Want to know How to Screen Record Hulu Offline? Read all about it here - How to Screen Record Hulu Offline?

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is another major name in the world of OTT streaming platforms.

On Amazon Prime, you are going to find one of the best and high-quality content for streaming, including movies, TV shows, programs, and much more. This includes Amazon originals and exclusives as well, which you won’t be able to stream anywhere else.

The number of content on Amazon Prime is impressive. We’re talking about more than 24,000 movies and over 2,100 shows to choose from! That too in literally any genre you can think of, including comedy, horror, romance, fantasy, sci-fi, and much more. With such an enormous plethora of content available for streaming, there is definitely something in store for everyone to watch.

So, why not screen record all this amazing content, so that you can access and enjoy them whenever you want, wherever you want, especially never having to worry about the internet?

Want to know How to Screen Record Amazon Prime Video Offline? Read all about it here - How to Screen Record Amazon Prime Video Offline?


This was it for this article.

In this article, we told you everything you needed to know about the popular downloading website,, the way it worked, what it had in store for the users, and more.

Apart from this, we also told you what happened to it, and where you can access the new Keepvid from.

Then, we guided you on how you can screen record all your required videos from numerous streaming platforms and websites with ease, which is another excellent way of enjoying all your videos totally offline.


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